Saturday, October 20, 2012

Free SVG

Hello weekend... how I missed you! My passed week was not what I hoped it would be... and it started to go down hill when my beloved eclips machine quit on me and refused to power up. Luckily Sizzix has excellent customer service. I gave them a call and explained my dilemma. They emailed me a return slip for my machine and it was just mailed out this morning. Hopefully they'll send me a replacement really soon because I have been jones-ing to craft.

So, without actually making anything I actually created something... I've created another freebie SVG to share.

You can download this pretty flutterby HERE.

More svg files soon to come...

 Thanks for stopping by & Happy Crafting Everyone!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Chocolate Fix

Hellooo Saturday!! Even thought it's getting hard to sit for long periods at a time and even harder to bend (6 months preggos and counting) ... I was able to complete a layout for Little Scraps of Heaven Designs' challenge. I want my free file, darn it! LOL!! What some people for free stuff... smh... oh well, here it is...

I used the 'My Chocolate Fix' set to make the title, bears, and cakes (but not the whipped cream- I used the the icing from Design on Cloud 9's 'Gingerbread House' set... but ssshhh... don't tell them that!). I also made my own fork svg file. If you would like to download this file for free click HERE.

Thanks for looking!! And Happy Crafting EVERYONE!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Free SVG

HELLO EVERYONE!!! I've been feeling really good the past week and decided to make a svg file to give away on my blog. Just felt like doing something random to day... so ENJOY!

You can download this svg file here... fancy_frame

This makes a great background for layouts or can be used to frame picture within your layouts. Either way it will give your scrapbook pages an elegant touch! Or why not put it on a card? This svg has many possibilities... let's see what you can make with it!