Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sassy Silhouette Barbie Inspired Tags

Hello Crafty Friends! Today's project is a set of Barbie inspired gift tags. They are pretty big they are about 5.5" inches long. And will really draw attention to any gift.

For these tags I used Designs on Cloud 9's Sassy Girls Tags

Sorry, the "sassy" is not included in the file. I made it using my ecal software and a font that was already installed on my computer called Lucida Handwriting. If you have Microsoft Office then more than likely you have it installed on you computer too.

I cut all my paper pieces using my Sizzix eclips machine. But before assembling all the pieces I airbrushed them with my eBrush machine.

For the "Sassy" I ebrushed just the edges. The same as if I were to shade them with my ink daubers and ink pads. But this took only a matter of seconds instead a couple minutes. What an AWESOME time saver!!

I also airbrushed all the harlequin backgrounds for the all the tags with my eBrush machine. But this time I got some help of a stencil.

I created an SVG file for those of you who are interested. I will post the link below. All I ask is that you do not share them or claim them as your own. You may however direct other to my blog to download their own copy. Thanks for understanding.

Download the harlequin stencil for free here.

I also used my eBrush & stencil to make coordinating harlequin ribbon.

Tah-dah!! So pretty!

Assembled the base. Now to tie on the ribbon.

Super Sassy & Super Fabulous!

Here I have the rest of the set

These would be perfect on gifts for posh friends or for that avid Barbie lover in your life!

Thanks for stopping by & have a super fab day!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

eBrush - Core'dinations Hack Edition

Hello again Crafty Friends!! Today I would like to share with you all my very first video tutorial. Well, Kind of anyway. My Good friend Debi Tullier had me as a special guest to show you all a kind of eBrush Core'dintions hack!

Please be kind! this was my first video... EVER... and I was so nervous!

In this video Debi and I discuss how to get different color combinations not currently found in Core'dinations cardstock. I used the whitewash family of papers to do this technique. I did this so that When the color goes down over the cardstock it does blend or fight with the base color to be seen. And, also to do the color blending technique you need that white base to see the blends of the colors atop the base color. This video is a bit lengthy!

You can also make your own faux core'dination paper doing this same technique using a nice & thick, good quality, cardstock.

Here I have the samples from the video with out the glare from the web cam and under my daylight lamps. 
As you can see the colors are much more vibrant.


I didn't sand enough of the top layer off of the pear tag. But, if you look at the lower right hand pear you can really see the yellow on the green. I think the yellow was too close to the lightest green to really make a huge difference.

I hope you enjoyed my first video tutorial and I hope you give this technique a try. I would love to see your color combinations you come up with so please post them here or on the eBrush fan page!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello Kitty Themed Birthday Party

If you are planning on having a Hello Kitty themed party but are on a tight budget you are definitely in the right place. As a stay at home mom of 4 I have learned to stretch that dollar to it's max. I love Candy buffets and I love to do them for my children's birthdays but I can't afford to pay for one of those candy buffet services. Besides, I love to do stuff like this!  

 Almost all the decorations were made by hand which cut down on the bidget.

The Hello Kitty heads & sitting Hello Kitty were made by using retired Sizzix dies I had on my stash.

I had a picture of my daughter blown up at our local Walmart. I ordered it online and it was done b the same day. And just my luck had a coupon on their website for $2 off their poster size prints for same-day service. Total cost for an 16"x20" portrait 10 bucks and some change... AWESOME!!

I didn't have a frame that size but I did have a bigger frame in my closet that had no glass because a certain someone's husband fell on it... thankfully he wasn't hurt... and that is why your parent's tell you no horse play in the house!

I wanted to detract from all the extra space that surrounded the picture getting it professionally matted wasn't an option and would have taken way too long! I had only a few days to make everything. So with the help of some digital files from Designs on Cloud 9 I decorated my frame in flourishes of the same color scheme of my party... I mean Kyan's party!

A lot of my glass containers I have used on previous parties so that was no added expense this go round. I had originally purchased quite a few pieces from Ross'... they have awesome deals and I got several pieces for as low as $3.99. The highest I paid for a glass container at Ross' was $11.99. Still, a steal seeing that most apothecary jars and and glass containers can run upwards from $30-$40. And who says you have to use "apothecary" jars?? Sometimes flowers vases work really well... just like the one above.

I downloaded some Hello Kitty images from off the internet and made little tags to decorate each container. Hot glued it in place with some coordinating ribbon voila instant Hello Kitty cuteness!!

Now, these are new! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, milk glasses!! Again, tight budget = no milk glass money. :(
But, my good friend Pinterest came through for me again. I saw on a fellow blogger that used Starbucks' frappuccino glasses. They look almost exactly like milk glasses but with a slightly different lip... no biggy (no one even noticed). Especially after you throw a paper straw in it! I know, ├╝ber cute, right?!

Speaking of cute... would you believe this cute tray is the cardboard tray the the frappuccinos came in. I bought mine from Sam's Club for a little over $13 for a whole case. They all came in a little cardboard tray kind of like how soda companies used to sell cases of soda. I just prettified them by covering the box with scrapbook paper, ribbon, and regular white card stock. Add a button and ta-da ... awesome!!

I had bought some paper straws from Michael's that were on clearance a while back. They were marked down to like $0.25 a bag because they were leftover from Easter. Another "SCORE"!! So I scooped them up not knowing what I'd use them for but hey, they were pink... what can you do, right?! Good thing I did pick them up too because they matched perfectly!

Paper pom-poms. Another decorative staple in my house.Depending on where you get yours from they can also be really inexpensive.Buying pom-pom for $15 is not gonna happen. Well,  lucky me, I have learned to make pom-poms with proficiency. Added a Hello Kitty kick to them by hanging handmade HK paper medallions and now I have pom-poms that no one else have.

And, why only hang pom-poms from the ceiling? I once used pom-poms as centerpieces and they looked like huge floral blooms sitting on the table. But here, I made a pom-pom into this cute little Hello Kitty topiary.

Again... AWESOME... and sooooo kawaii!!

Here are my girls all ready for the party to start... and of course the birthday girl is the one sporting the HELLO KITTY!

Hope you enjoyed this Hello Kitty Party (on a budget) post!

Craft Happy Friends!! Always, craft happy!!
I know I do! And, I also know that I'm helping my children have amazing memories!

The cupcakes picture above were recycled from a previous post. You can check it out here.

More Pink & Main August Releases

Hello Crafty Friends!! I've been crazy busy. A lot of the time was spent prepping for my oldest daughter's birthday party, which I will talk about in a separate post. The other part of that time was spent making these awesome cards from Pink & Main's August stamp releases.

For this card I used Pink & Main's Smell My Feet stamp set. One of the things about this set that I love is that it has interchangeable sentiments. 

You can match up the "batty for" with candy, you, or Halloween.

 For this card I used the same bat stamp and just changed the sentiment to "batty for you".

 I also used the same set on this quick and easy ghost card.

Not all the August releases are Halloween related... They have some really cute fall stamps too!
Like the set to make these cute cards.

Both the cards above were made using the Old Crow stamp set.

These are just two out of the seven sets that were released for the month of August. Soon it will be September... and, for those of you who don't know, every month Pink & Main releases new stamp sets. The amount of stamp releases from month to month. But, I can tell you that there will be some really AWESOME ones released for the month of September and I am looking forward to showing them off!!

Go and check out Pink & Main!! You will thank me!
Craft ... AND... stamp HAPPY friends!
Till next time!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Trick or Treat "See-Thru" Card

Hello Crafty Friends!! Soon Halloween will be upon us!! I love Halloween and not just because I was born the eve of this fabulous holiday but because ... hmmm, wait... no, that pretty much sums it up! LOL

It all started because my mom tried her hardest not to have a Halloween baby. I was already two weeks late and not budging. Well, she went for a walk one day and lo and behold labor pains began. Really not the best or safest way to get me out and I really don't recommend it to anyone! In fact women who are overdue really should seek advice from a their doctor. But there I was brand spanking new the day before Halloween!

I love the fact my birthday is very much associated with a holiday. Hardly anyone forgets my birthday and if they do it's usually just a day off. LOL 

But beside the extremely close birth date I love the fact that Halloween brings out the creative nd mysterious part of people. The costumes are always the rage! Bought or made, I love seeing them all. Or forget the costume all together and wear make-up... still... LOVE  IT!!

Why wouldn't anyone want to embrace and celebrate it?!

So, I too embrace this holiday through creativity. 

Here's a card I made that represents my favorite Halloween pass time... Trick-or-treating.

For this card I used Pink & Main's Smell My Feet Stamp Set. I love this stamp set. That frog just kills me hanging on the candy bucket!

For the card base I use Grafix's Craft Plastic heavy weight sheet in .20" thickness. 
I cut the sheet into a 5.5"x 11" piece and folded it to make an A2(4.25"x5.5") sized card.
Then I embossed the front flap of my card with an embossing folder. 

The embossing folder used came from the We R Memory Keepers Butterfly set.

I hid my inside panel by layering it directly under my front panel.

And, there you have it... something a little different... but it works!! And, I love it!
Try making your very own "see-thru" card... you might love it too!!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Background Stencils

OK my craft happy friends... I've been keeping myself really busy. Believe it or not, my internet went down at home. And, until we get it back up and running at home I've been visiting my in-laws quite frequently sucking up their bandwidth! But with that said, because I've been off the internet I've been , in a way, "forced" to be ore productive. That means more projects are getting done!

Yay in a way... at least it'll be a plus for all of you because that means I've been making more FREE SVGs!!
See, I told you... YAY!! Right?!!

So... to the freebie goodies already... I designed not 1, not 2, but 3 backgrounds to share with you all. And, what's so great is that they coordinate with each other. So you can either use them individually or combine them and use the together.
And, if you are one of my eclips or eBrush friends you are sure to ave a blast with these!!

To make it super easy on myself and everyone else I will put all three onto one file.

You can download the file HERE!

These files are yours to download for free. All ask that you do not share, alter, redistribute , copy or claim them as your own work.And,  Please feel free to direct others to download the file from my blog to download their own copy. 

Thank you for understanding!

All files are copyright of Mitsyana Wright Designs & the Up On Tippy Toes Blog.

Surprisingly, as always...
All svg files are designed & cut using my Sizzix eclips machine & ecal software!

Happy Halloween - Black Cat Card

Just a quick drive by post to share my quick & easy Halloween card.

All stamps used on this card were from the new August release from Pink & Main called Witch Brew.

Embossing folders used are from Cuttlebug ( Boo to You & Frills)

This card was super QUICK & super EASY...
And, not to mention super FUN!!

See you all next time...
I'm off to go create!!

Scrap Happy Friends!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pink & Main - If the Broom Fits Card

Hey there, Crafty Friends!! I'm back again with another handmade card. With kids heading back to school it's a literally a few week till the holiday season. And what better way to start it off than with my favorite holiday, Halloween!

Halloween... The one holiday where you are never expected to give back anything you're given. And, the one day out of the year you get a free pass to stuff your face with junk!! Sign me up... sounds like fun times to be had!!

Pink & Main capture all that fun and then some in their new August releases of which 3 out of the 7 are Halloween themed. EEEEKK... SUPER AWESOME!!!

I used Pink & Main's Witch Brew to make this cute card.

 I used my eBrush and Spectrum Noirs to get the the glow around the moon in the background. I love how much depth in the shading you can get from using this airbrush system! The paper I used started out completely WHITE!

Of course I gotta add some bling!

I love this sentiment!! The broom fits for so many occasions... LOL... at least for me!

This set has to be one of my favorite out of all Pink & Main's new releases!

Which one is yours?

They are all AWESOME!!

Time to get crafting!!
Happy stamping everyone!!