Saturday, September 28, 2013

All About the Haul

Halloween.. what other holiday is there where it's ok to indulge in candy all night... and we get to dress up in outrageous costumes and people won't give a second thought. Cute, scary, funny, sexy... you could be all those... at the same time! But this week's layout is only one of those....

Here's my latest cute creation. It's all about the haul! Let's face it ... it is all about the candy! 

I used Design on Cloud 9's Sweet Halloween Treats for the bears and candy buckets and I want Candy for the all the candy.


I also used Sizzix rectangle frame and scallop frame ( both retired originals dies) to make the picture frames. I also used adhesive foam under the frame to make it more like a traditional frame. I left an opening atop both frames to slide the picture into the frame.

You can see the depth better in this picture.

I'm not a big chocolate fan but I just love this chocolate bar... this one won't go straight to my hips!

I love love love peekers!!

Lots of layers!! I used two different thicknesses of adhesive foam. I wanted the different layers not to be sitting directly on each other.

And there it is.

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Happy Crafting Everyone!!

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