Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Treat Bags

I'm in slap forehead mode! I totally forgot to post this on my blog last week. And, to add insult to injury I had two project to share!

Halloween is fast approaching... and with Kyan being in the first grade it's time to up the ante. Last year I topped off giant pixie stix with bat cut outs, which I thought came out 
cute... until I saw what the other mom's made. Popping my big crafty bubble and squashing all hopes of mother of the year. Sigh.

This year didn't want to look like I didn't put no effort into it. I definitely didn't want an overkill either. So I opted to make toppers for goody bags. I used A2 sized cello resealable envelopes as my bag and filled it with assorted Halloween treats (Halloween themed pencils, erasers, plastic jewelry, and of course candy).

Here is how it turned out. 

I used Design on Cloud 9 files to make all the shapes here. The topper itself is from the Short Borders 2 set. The scalloped circles are from the Scallops set. For the centers I used Haunted House Silhouettes, Cemetery Silhouettes, Skullies, & Haunted Halloween Party (retired) sets.

I did not fold the topper over like traditional bag toppers... instead I opted to just use it as a front and stapled it to the front of the bag along the top. I saved on paper this way. Then  I covered the staple up with the scalloped circle. And, ta-dah, instant treat bags! I also adhered sticker labels to the back. This did two things... covered up the sharp side of the staple and let the recipient know who the goodies came from.

These were super easy to make. The hardest and time consuming part was deciding which shapes to use for the centers. 

Project #2 to be continued... I'm off to pick up my munchkin from school! 

See you all real soon!

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