Monday, November 11, 2013

Sweet 16 Candy Centerpieces

Hello again crafty friends!! I've been busy busy busy!! A while back I had volunteered my help to a friend for her daughter's sweet 16 birthday party... little did I know I was gonna be the sole decorator. I don't mind doing the work at all but it's getting down to the wire... her birthday party is this Saturday and we just got to see how HUGE this room is this morning. I'm gonna have to put in overtime to fill that space. I still need to make her birthday banner, make more props for the photo booth, decorate a photo mat, and make about 150 cake pops and all in 2 days. I know what you're all thinkin'... "Mitsy, you are CRAAAAAZZZYYY!!!"... YES, yes I am!!

BUT, the good news is I did finish a couple project that weren't listed above. Yes, there was more on my to-do list. Here are the 2 projects I did complete:

These are gonna be decorations for on top the candy buffet table. Probably gonna put them between the candy jars. 

I got these from Design's on Cloud 9's Chevron Labels file for the medallions centers.

The cupcakes were made using the Cupcake Fairies file . I printed the jpeg image on my printer. Then I blew up the image with a projector and traced the image onto mat-board  and cut it out. The great thing about using mat-board is that it comes in different colors! I did not need to paint the boards! I did, however, chalk them and add detail to them in the same way I would a regular paper piecing... but I used the chalk inks with extra large daubers instead on finger sized ones. For extra stability I hot glued  a wooden dowel to the back of each cupcake. This made the backs straight otherwise they would bend and slouch.

 Here you can see how tall these cut-outs really are... they're as tall as my daughter and she's about to turn 5.

For you out there who have a handy man in your life... have them cut these out of wood instead! then you won't need the wooden dowel! I, unluckily, do not have a handy man nor the tools to do that myself so cutting it out of mat board was the best option for me. When cutting mat board make sure to use a heavy duty pair of scissors or a sharp xacto knife or utility blade and always be very careful when handling sharp objects.

If anyone would like me to do a step by step tutorial on how to make your own giant cut-out message me or leave a comment below.

I think I'll try this for Christmas next!




  1. i love the sweet 16 jars how can i get them

  2. Hi! How did you make the swirl lollipops ?? These are the best I’ve seen! I have A cricut but can’t find a lollipop cartridge