Friday, April 25, 2014

Lalaoopsie Horse Birthday Card

Hello Crafty Friends! Just wanted to share with you a project that includes two of my daughter's favorite things. Here's the scoop... My 5 year old absolutely loves UNICORNS (she's been begging for a unicorn party for forever and a year now)....and she totally adores LALALOOPSY (a show who's characters reminds of the movie Coraline... except sweeter). And, did you know Lalaloopsy has horse, pegasus, & unicorn characters now?? Yup, they do!!

So I was thinking to myself... What would be better than combining two of her favorite things and making her a Lalaloopsy Unicorn birthday card. Yay, time for another crafting session... time for card making!! I just LOOOOOOVE to make cards!

 I decided to make her a card with a unicorn that resembles Lalaloopsy's Hazelnut.

This is what HAZELNUT looks like:
And, here is my re-creation of her...
My Birthday Card

Card Front
I may not have made her exactly like Hazelnut but I think it's pretty darn close!

To make Hazelnut I used Design on Cloud 9's Unicorn file set. Which is also what I used to make the rainbow shooting stars & clouds.

And when you open the card...

 Inside Card
Most of the time I leave the inside of my cars blank. That way I can write a little hand-written message to the recepient. But, I've been finding myself decorating the insides of my cards more and more. Sometimes doing the insides gives the card that extra something that sometimes it lacks when only doing the front... especially if there's no wording in the front... which this would be one of those times.

For the stitched card ma,t that was used on the front & inside, I used DC9's Noel Wreath Card. Another file with parts you can use for everyday projects, not just holidays (made a reference to this in last week's post).

Let's not forget the FONTS!!
If you are like me, you can never have too many fonts.! If you don't already these, I suggest adding them to your collection... I used Copse (in black) and A Red Bucket (white & pink).They are great for everyday projects and journaling. Here's the great part... BOTH fonts are FREE to download. Yay!!! Because free is always a winner in my book!

There you have it! A birthday card for my little girl! I just know she's going to LOVE it. 
Happy crafting & see y'all soon!!

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