Monday, September 15, 2014

Ebrush hack #4... Edible Food Markers

Hello Crafty Friends and eBrush enthusiasts... I got another eBrush hack for you all!! Yay!!
Recently a topic of discussion on Facebook was "what good, food safe, markers are available that would work in the eBrush system?".  I found a few brands online that I  thought looked promising. And all were comparable in price to a pack of Spectrum Noir markers... yeah right, not gonna happen. So, I took to my local Walmart and this is what I found...

Betty Crocker brand Easy Writers. And, these were $2 and some change... SCORE!! My wallet can handle a couple bucks!

For this hack you'll need:

foam pencil cushion/grips (just one)
a package of Betty Crocker Easy Writers
eBrush (with the Spectrum Noir "SN" adapter )
and a pair of scissors (not pictured above).

Cut about 1/3 of a foam cushion. Cut a horizontal slit through one side (as shown above).

Fit around marker with open end on top.

Insert into SN adapter head.
 Pardon the food coloring on my nail.

Marker tip should not touch air nozzle.

If you cannot get the marker into adapter with cushion, try inserting your cushion first...

Now, try inserting your pen.

Once you have the right fit and your marker head is centered... test your eBrush for airflow.

If you do not get a burst of color and your pen doesn't seem to be releasing any of it's food coloring or your marker seems to be dry to the touch... chances are it probably is.

On my first try I didn't get a single drip or even glob (like others had complained about their pens doing), I just got air. :( And I was about to give up when I decided to check the packaging for directions. Here's what the back of the package had to say:

That's right people... "If tip of decorator appears dry, briefly dip the tip in water to activate"!!
And, you know what?? It worked!! That tip sucked up water like a sponge... because basically, that's what it really was... LOL! I only had the tip in there for only a split second and it started to release color into the small cup of water.

Now it looked too juicy. So, I blotted the tip, and again tested my spray.

And BINGO... just right!!

Now to test on some cupcakes!!


OH MY!! I think these look too good now...  because now they look fake!

So here's some proof that they are in fact edible. After our pizza dinner this evening I gave the cuppy cakes to my kids...

Pardon the messy food face but the last munchkin had pizza everywhere and was screaming for his cupcake. And, that darn little booger got it and LOVED it too!!

I hope you enjoyed this HACK and decide to give it a try. If you find a new hack or even try this one, we would really love it if you'd share it with us!! 

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. So much fun and I'm excited to see if I can revive my set! Thanks, Mitsy for the fun post and step by step pictures.

  2. Thanks for sharing the fun! I think I'll have to try to and revive my markers. They didn't have any instructions on use on the box... my slim-line markers do fit with the cushion hack in the AD adapter... so if there are others out there, try other adapters for the best fit.

  3. personally,i love how it works with stencils..