Thursday, March 26, 2015

Faux Stained Glass Vase

Hi Crafty Friends!! Today I decided to step away from the paper crafts and try my hand at something I wanted to do for a while... Faux Stained Glass.

The art of stained glass is too time consuming and far too expensive to invest in yet again, another craft to spend my already tight budget. Buying all the specialized tool cutters and glass panes are a little to rich for my taste. And, on top of all that, the time it takes to cut and piece and then somehow weld the pieces together to make one solid... um, no thank you! It's not for this busy mommy!! 

And, if you are a busy bee like me... and if you already have an eBrush... then this is a great alternative that won't break the bank or take up very much space!

Supplies needed:
eBrush by  Craftwell
Glass Vase
Liquid Leading
Sharpies (bright blue, bright green, mustard/ tan, purple)
Blue Painter's Tape

I started by doodling a peacock feather about the length of my vase. I used the actual vase to trace along the top and bottom of my vase for an approximate drawing area to draw in. Make sure you take into consideration  the base of your vase may have a thick base and accommodate your drawing accordingly. 

It's ok if you have no drawing skills. There are a lot of  free images online to search for. And if you are using someone else's art work, always ask for permission before using.

Once you have your image to the desired length and size, tape to the inside of your glass vase. Always put your image in the opposite side you will be spraying on.

I then ebruhed my colors directly on the glass, using the image as a guide. Usually, you would have to put your liquid leading down first but I wasn't filling it with more liquid. And if I sprayed over it , you would see where I sprayed on the liquid leading as well.

After spraying down your colors to your liking, finally, trace the outline of your image with your liquid leading. Set aside and let dry! And, you are all done!!

Now, all I need is my darling hubby to fill my pretty vase with pretty flowers!! Anyone want to send him a hint for me?! LOL

Hope you enjoyed this eBrushed project and decide to give it a try!!

~ Mitsy


  1. Wow! Thanks for all the awesome inspirations. I love the fact that you showed the ebrush outside of normal creations that it is usually used for. I would have never thought of this idea.

  2. amazing!!! thank you for the step by step! you are very creative...mad skillz girl! ;)