Thursday, April 23, 2015

eBrushed Monogrammed Coasters

Hello Crafty Friends... DT Mitsy here with another eBrush project!! I'm on a monogramming kick. I've always loved the way monograms dress everything up! Who knew one simple letter can make all the difference?! I especially love stuff that not only looks good but can be used. Sorry, this gal like nice thing but I'm practical... everything has to have a purpose.

So, I decided to make the monogrammed tile coasters....

Supplies Needed
Tile Coasters
Shelf liner
Metallic Sharpies (Gold & Silver)

I pre-cut my shelf liner into 2.25" cirlces. I used my electric die cutter for this, it cut all four out at the same time which cut down my crafting tome down quite considerably. Way better than tracing and hand cutting. 

I then peeled of the protective backing and adhered the liner to the center of each tile. This will serve as a mask. I want the centers to remain clean so my monograms can stand out.

 You can buy stencils from your local craft store or opt to make your own.  Mine were homemade. Again, I used my electric die cutter to pre-make these ahead of time.

I then place my chevron stencil over the circle. If you need help holding down your stencil or are afraid the stencil will shift during spraying, just go over the back of your stencil with some repositionable adhesive. I used some my glue pen ... when it dries it becomes a repositionable adhesive.

I then ebrushed my stencil with my GOLD Sharpie. Gold is still all the rage and I know it'll mke my coasters look ultra chic!!

The great thing about "eBrushing"... virtully NO wait time!! The ink practically dries instantly! I simply removed my stencil and peeled off my circle....


I simply repeated the last step with my "W" stencil in the center of the circle with my SILVER Sharpie.

Removed the stencil and VOILA ... Fabulous monogrammed tile coasters...

These are for me but will make an awesome easy housewarming gift or hostess gift!

Look, I'm already putting them to good use and reaping the benefits of my hard work!! Now it's time to relax and enjoy!!


Hope this project inspires you to make some of your own. Super quick, super easy, super affordable... and always SUPER FABULOUS!!

~  Mitsy

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