Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Nursery Rhyme Wall Art

Hello, Crafty Friends!!
Today marks midway through our week!

I am so tickled to get to share with you today's project! Did you know that there's a National Library Week?? Yup, a whole week in observance to libraries!! It's always great to promote and show your support for your local library!  And today, I will help support my local library and repurpose old books.

 Limited space makes it hard for some libraries to accommodate their ever growing number of books. So, from time to time our local library (I'm sure others do this a s well), clear out and sell their old books. Most of which are tattered or outdated, to make room for new ones. Sales raised from these books go right back into the library system to fund new books or to help with other financial needs... internet may be free for the public to use,  but that doesn't mean that its free to the library. And certainly, any renovations made, also come along with a few dollar signs attached.

So whenever possible, my children and I go to our local library and check out the sales. I know what you're thinking craft with old books? Don't I love books? Why would I take apart and butcher books to craft with?? Simple... remember when I said most of these books are tattered and outdated?? Well, the books that are not sold get dumped into the recycle bins. Which is good that they are recycling, but the library doesn't receive any money for just tossing them... and I would be creating, crafting, and repurposing something  that already has been used and giving it new life as ART. Or in this case, WALL ART. 

These are super quick and easy to make too!!

Supplies Needed
Old Books (Hardback or paperback)
1- 12"x12" sheet of Black Cardstock (DCWV- Double Sided Cardstock Stack)
4 - 5"x7" Shadowbox Frames
Cricut Explore Air
Cricut Nursery Rhymes Cartridge
Craft knife (Fiskars)
Scissors (EK Success- CutterBee)

These books don't appear to be in bad shape but were really really outdate... put it this way one of these books was called the "No Cooking Cookbook"... it has a copyright date of 1962. That was several years before the first reasonably priced and sized microwave became available (1967). Yeah, I think it's safe to say, no one will miss that one! LOL

And, I got these from my local dollar store! Yuppers, $1!! Who knew they carried shadowbox picture frames (with mats included too)??!! SCORE!!

Ok, now this was probably the hardest part of the whole project... which really wasn't very hard at all.
Removing the pages from the cover. Seriously it took two slices. One in the front of the book and one in the back, running down the first page to the spine... and then again along the back of the book.

 I will be saving this hard cover to make another project with later.

 I used the chipboard insert as a template for my book pages, added adhesive to them with my Xyron Mega Runner, and adhered my pages directly onto them. Then trimmed off the excess with a scissors.

So super easy, right? Wow... 1, 2, 3, and 4 done in less than 2 minutes!!

Then I used my Cricut Explore Air and Cricut's Nursery Rhyme Cartridge to cut out silhouettes of some of my favorite childhood nursery rhymes... " Hey Diddle Diddle", " Little Jack Horner", "Little Boy Blue",  and "Mary Had a Little Lamb". 

I cut them all from one 12"x12" sheet of black cardstock. Sizing each image to fit into the 5"7" mat/ frame.

Since these will be hanging on the wall, I wanted them to stay put. So, I ran them all through my Xyron Creative Station using the 9" permanent adhesive refill cartridge. And placed them all back into their frames.

And, here are my finished pieces.

I love how these came out. The layout is simple but the old book print makes them distinctive and unique!! This was a great start to  many more "print" crafts! 

I hope you enjoyed this project!
And don't forget to go support your local public library!!



  1. Love these! My daughter is a librarian and I can get the throw-away books anytime. Good use for them. :)