Friday, July 12, 2013

Candy Crush / Sugar Rush Inspired - U R 2 Sweet

Happy Friday!!
I have had sugar on the brain for quite a while now. My 2 year old son love's to watch Wreck it Ralph EVERY night right before bed. Does anyone else's kid do this (have a movie that they watch over & over & over & over again)? So, for this weeks Designs on Cloud 9's newsletter project was inspired by the movie and I finally made a candy themed layout. Yay!!

For this I used Suri's Sweet Treats for the lollipops, mints, bonbons, icing (muffin top), and cherry. Sweets for My Sweet for more chocolate bonbons.  Gingerbread House for the gumdrops. And, of course, My Sunshine Title for the sun.

Close Ups

I used two different thicknesses of foam adhesive to add more dimension and bring some of the candy even further off the page.

Added faux stitching throughout the layout to separate the layers and because I can't actually sew. :(

Added more faux stitching on the title to separate it from the clouds.


This weeks freebie is AWESOME! And, what a ca-winky-dink... MORE SUGAR!!!

This file is called Sweet Addiction... perfect for all you Candy Crush junkies out there!!
Hurry and download it while it's free!! It is sooooo super cute!

And, while you're there... check out DC9's newest files!

(my personal fav)

You can check them all out here.

I have so many ideas brewing already! Can't wait to play!

Hope I gave you enough to dip into! What a great way to start the weekend!!
Happy Crafting Everyone!!