Friday, July 26, 2013

Alice In Wonderland - Drink Me


It's that time again... time to reveal my latest in Wonderland creations!!

Let's not beat around the bush!
 All file used to make this layout were from Designs On Cloud 9.

 I used Wonderland Cuties to make this adorable Alice.

I've been practicing my eyelashes and ,let me tell you, adding the eyelashes makes a huge difference! I also added detail lines to her hair-bow, hairline, and cheeks.

Layered her with adhesive foam between her hair layers and under her head for more added dimension.

 The bottle is from DC9's Bottles file.

 I added three layers of adhesive foam under the bottle just to make it even with Alice... that's how much dimension is this paper piecing... a whole heap!!

The key & gears are from the Doo Dads1 file. And for the pocket watches I again used Wonderland Cuties... it's the White Rabbit's pocket watch.

 For the border on the photo mat I used Photo Mat Fun. I love this file... it also makes a great page border!

Believe it or not, I used the same file to make the border and mat (Background-Diamonds). The mat measure 4"x6" and the border is 3"x11.5" (uncheck the keep proportions box to get this stretched argyle effect).

And last but not least... I used DC9's Gnome file to make the door... just the door not the hinges or keyhole. You can find those also in the Doo Dads 1 File. But sorry guys, sadly the Gnomes file has been retired! :(
Maybe if Michelle gets enough requests she might bring it back... maybe... don't quote me on that!

So there ya go... yeah, it took SIX files to make this one... but sooooooo worth it! I love how it came out!

Recap on the files used:
Design on Coud 9's Wonderland Cuties, Bottles, Doo Dads 1, Photo Mat Fun, Background- Diamonds, & Gnomes(retired)

Oh no I almost forgot... FREEBIE FRIDAY!
DC9's new files of the week!

Here they are:
This one is called Greeting Bubbles.

And here are this weeks new files... sorry, these are not free. :(

Check back here real soon... Got more Wonderland layouts I' gonna dish out... plus other paper piecing creations for your viewing pleasure! 

Happy Crafting my friends!!

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