Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Cards

Sorry, for some reason this did not post yesterday... oh well, anyhoo....

Good Morning & Happy Mother's Day Crafty  Friends!!!
Today I'm sharing with you 2 Mother's Day cards. I made them for the 2 most important ladies in my life, my mother & mother-in-law. 

The first card is the card I made for my mother. And, the second is for my mother-in-law. You may notice that neither card has a sentiment on front. There are a couple reasons why I do this. 

One is because a lot of times I make cards on a whim and add them to my "stash" that I keep on hand that I can thumb through later.

Leaving them blank gives you more freedom on when & to whom you want to give them. If I labeled both these cards Happy Mother's Day then I would definitely have to give them to 
A. a mother and 
B. on Mother's Day. 
By leaving my cards blank I can expand card giving areas to (just by looking at them, based on theme) Easter, Spring, or just an everyday type card... maybe even birthday( depending when the recipient's birthday is). 

Reason two is sometimes I just like keeping the cheesy puns inside the card a surprise.

For this card I used Design on Cloud 9's Tulips file. 

I used the watering can from DC9's Garden Pixies file for this card.

Hope these inspire you to your own card stash...
Happy Crafting Everyone!

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