Sunday, July 6, 2014

Super Cute Flower Hair Ties

Sizzix Big Shot or Personal Die Cutting Machine
Sizzix Tattered Flowers by Tim Holtz
2 Sheets Pink Felt
2 Pink Buttons
2 Ouch-less Hair Elastics
Hot Glue Gun & Glue sticks

eBrush airbrushing system
Pink Sharpies

I used Sizzzix's Tim Holtz's Tatter Flowers die and cut out 8 of the large 6 pt flowers and 4 of the small. Using my eBrush machine I airbrushed the 8 large flowers to give them more depth. These will be your "petals". I left the 4 small ones plain... 2 will be flower "bases" and 2 will be "covers".

Up close view of  ebrushed flower. This part is optional. 

Have your hot glue gun ready.

With a dab of hot glue in the center of flower fold flower in half. press and wait for glue to set.

Add another dab of hot glue and again fold flower in half like so. Again, press and wait for glue to set.
This will make your flowers "petals". Repeat with the remaining 7 flowers. You should have a total of 8 petals.

You will need 2 of your small plain flowers next. These will be your flower "bases". With 1 of the flower bases add a peas sized dab of glue from the center to close edge of the flower petal.

Add your petal to flower base.

Repeat 3 more times... laying them in a circle pattern and completely covering the flower base.

Hot glue button to center of flower. 
Repeat previous steps onto second flower base.

Once glue has set and cooled, flip flower over. Hot glue hair elastic in place. Top with cover flower and hot glue in place.
Repeat with to make second flower

There you have it... a super cute set of hair ties!!

And I have one of the most cutest munchkins in the world modeling for me...

She just loves to show off all Mommy's hard work.

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial!

Happy Crafting!!

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