Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fancy rosette headband

I have been playing a lot with my eBrush lately. And, I've been making more projects than I have time to post. Here's one I did a couple weeks back. A super cute flapper girl styled headband.

Both my girls love wearing cute frilly hair accessories. So, it's a good thing I like making them headbands because those things can be ridiculously expensive.

Here I simply cut out a scalloped circle. Then continued cutting the scallops toward the center in a spiral pattern. Then, with my eBrush and a purple Sharpie, I airbrushed the edges to give it more depth.

Starting from the outer edge of the circle I rolled my scallop toward the center creating a rosette hot gluing the rosette's layers in place as I went along. 

I also used my eBrush to add color to these ostrich feathers. All my feathers started off as white as shown on the feather on the right. I also used Sharpies on this step.

Then I hot glued all my pieces to a sequined headband.

And, Tah-dah!! 

Here's one of mommy's little princesses trying it on.

Top view... from this angel the feather looks almost ombre... super cool!!

And there ya have it... A super cute yet super easy project!

Craft HAPPY till next time, Friends!!

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  1. Lovely headband! I would not have thought of eBrushing feathers! x