Saturday, May 30, 2015

Father's Day Candy Bouquet

Hello Crafty Friends!! I am back with another handmade gift idea. As we know, Father's Day is just around the bend. I don't know about you but I am always plagued with the decision on what to get my my husband for Father's Day.

Getting him a tie would be pointless... his work attire is ultra casual and consists for the most part of polo shirts and jeans... yes, jeans... told you ultra casual! 
Then, there's cuff links... Shoot, the last time he wore a set we were getting married, and that was practically a decade ago.
T-shirts... nah!! He's got a closet full.
Cologne... uh-uh, I have a sensitive nose... poor thing wouldn't be able to wear it.

Ok, well if you're just like me and in a rut... there's always that age-old saying...
"The way to a man's heart is his stomach"!

And my hubby (aka... my babies' daddy) is no exception. That is fine by me because it always seems that I'm gifting someone FOOD and it "food gifting" has become of my specialties!

I decided I wanted to make him a candy bouquet but not just any candy bouquet a manly bouquet. Packed full of "GUY" treats like beef jerky, nuts, and ok, a little bit of chocolate... hahaha, who am I kidding... I'm stock piling it with behemoth sized servings of chocolate.. because that is just how I roll! LOL
 And then the icing on the cake... gift cards!! My children wanted to get involved and helped get daddy something special... so each of their cute little selves chipped in to buy their daddy some google play gift cards. How sweet are they?!!
My husband is a big computer geek so I know these are always a welcomed gift.

Here is what I used to make this Daddy Bouquet...

Tools and Supplies Used
Xyron Creative Station
Spellbinders Nestablities- Label Twenty-Five
Spellbinders Shapeablities - Damask Motifs
Cut'n'Boss Machine
Eclips Machine with ecal software
Craft Smith - Natural Luxury
Grafix Arts Metallic Silver Cardstock
Bazzill Basics Paper- Raven
Wooden Dowels
Transparent Tape
Green Styrofoam block
Ad-Tech Hi Temp Glue Gun and Glue Stick
True North Chocolate Nut Crunch
Reese's Big Cup Peanut Butter Cups
Jack Links Beef Steak Sticks
Polka Dot Tissue Paper
Powdered Drink Container

This project is another easy way to recycle all your old powdered drink mix containers, oatmeal canisters, or empty coffee cans. Just remove the paper label (if any) and clean out the inside and presto... instant base for your bouquet.

First thing I did was measure my container. There is a lip at both the top and the container... so make sure you measure from the inside of both lips. Mine measured 6.75" high  by 16" around. 

Then, I added at least two inches onto the circumference to allow my paper to overlap a bit when wrapping the can.

Since I don't have 18" paper I made 2- 6.75"x9" pieces instead.

I then ran both pieces through my Xyron Creative Station(with 9" permanent adhesive cartridge). And set aside.

I then used my Cut'n'Boss Machine to cut all my Spellbinders dies at once... Gotta love that extra large cutting platform!!

Cuts like butter every time!!

I ran all my die cut shapes through my Xyron Creative Station... this time using the 5" permanent refill cartridge. Love how this bad boy takes the place of 2 machines!

And the 5" cartridge still has plenty of space to run all my pieces at one time!! LOVE IT!

Next using my Sizzix Eclips and ecal I spelled out "DAD". 


Since these are smaller I decided to use my smaller Xyron  2.5" Create-a-Sticker. My Xyron machines make creating a breeze. There's no drying time and virtually no clean up too!! Simplicity at it's best!

I used to hot glue my paper but ran into a couple of problems with the glue cooling too fast and leaving unsightly lumps under the paper or my paper. I like that I can just peel the backing and stick and that my surface looks and feels smooth!

I took all my small damask diecuts peeled and adhered them onto my label making one big sticker label.

Then placed it onto the front of my canister,

This the only place hot glue onto my project. I added a good amount of hot glue on the inside bottom of my container and added my styrofoam. If you can't fit your foam in try cutting down your edges before inserting.

Then I taped my dowels to all my treats, even the big bag if chocolate covered nuts. For the heavier items I made sure to give it a sufficient amount of tape to support all the weight. 

Then I inserted the dowels into the foam. I made sure to arrange the dowels so that they look like they are cascading or "tiered". You may have to cut some of you dowels down in order to achieve the stadium seating type arrangement. LOL

Lastly, I inserted tissue paper in between the dowels and down into the can ... covering the gaps and concealing all the dowels.

I hope you enjoyed this yummy gift idea.. my Father's Day "Man" Bouquet!!

See you all again next time!!

Happy Crafting!!



  1. this is such a fun amazing project...I want one ( smiling and winking)

  2. I've been wanting to make something like this for awhile now..... The Old Craft Store I shopped at use to make these and sell them for every occasion... They're so fun and your is super cool! :) Have a Crafty day! :)

    Scrappers Anonymous