Saturday, August 3, 2013

Alice In Wonderland - Tea Time

Gonna make this quick.This mommy's gotta run & I know this is super late. But here is my latest in Wonderland layouts and this time it's a double. All files are from Designs on Cloud 9.

I used the following files to make this spread: Wonderland Cuties ( Alice, Mad Hatter, & Cheshire Cat) , Time for Tea ( Tea Pot,Cups, Saucers, Spoon, & Lemon Slices), Pipsqueak (Ratter), Suri's Sweet Treats ( Cookies), Background- Diamonds (Center Diamond Strip), Betsy's Borders ( Scalloped Borders), Laurie's Labels ( Background Shape), Boy Bunny(March Hare), & Magic Show (March Hare's Top Hat).

Tea Drops are from the shape library of y ecal software.

Sugar cubes are the rounded square that also came from the ecal shape library.

Here's closer looks at the drops of tea & sugar cubes.

Boy Bunny makes an super cute Mad Hatter topped him off with the top hat from the Magic Show set.

 Used a mouse from the Pipsqueak file to make this adorable peeker.

I used multiple Sizzix ebossing on the tea cups and tea pot for this look.

Well, friends...I gotta run! Craft with you later!! Check back soon!

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