Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Popcorn Box Party Favors

Hey Crafty Friends!! Today I'm going to show you part what I've been working on... that's right, I said part! LOL In order to see all the rest you'll just have to follow along with and stay tuned!!

If you know me and my family then you know that my oldest daughter, Kyan, has a birthday coming up real soon! And you would also know that she shares my love for everything Hello Kitty!!! So, can you guess what she chose for her birthday party this year?? You guessed it... Hello Kitty!!

But I decided it wasn't just going to be a HK themed kiddie party... nope, we're gonna have us a little hoity-toity, prim & proper, tea party... with a Hello Kitty twist of course!

Here are a few of  the party favors I am making!

Supplies Used
Hello Kitty Plushies
Favor Boxes Stack (DCWV) for gold patterned paper, box template. & bow template
Teresa Collins Cabbage Rose Embossing folder (Craftwell)
Cut'n'boss (Craftwell)
Metallic Gold Cardstock (Grafix)
Paper Doilies (Wilton)
Xyron Creative Station (with 9" & 5" permanent adhesive refills)
Xyron Mega Runner
Craft plastic (Grafix) or stencil film
Iridescent Shreds (Voila)
Diamond Glaze (Judikins)
Self Adhesive Rhinestones(optional)

To get started I used one of DCWV's new project stacks. These are awesome! And this sack in particular contains enough material; to make 100 projects!! EEeeek!!! 

For my project I used this fabulous popcorn box! But not to hold popcorn.
I'm going to use it as little dwelling for cute little kitties!!

Instead of cutting out my template, I'm going to trace my templates out onto craft plastic. This material is like a thick plastic film similar to stencil film. My stack contain several templates but I want to make sure I can use them over and over again with out the worry of them ripping or falling apart.

I layed the film directly over my template and traced over the lines with my blue Sharpie. 

Then I cut them out using my scissors.

I used my finished template and cut out my box.

I creased and folded my flaps and then used my Xyron Mega Runner to glue down the flaps.

I repeated the previous steps with my bow template on to gold cardstock.

I embossed my bow cut outs...

and folded a glued down the flaps using Diamond Glaze as my adhesive.

Next, I cut contrasting paper into 2"x12" strips.

I then ran those strips though my Xyron Creative Station using my 9"permanent adhesive refill.

I peeled and stuck the strips to my box, one side at a time and trimmed off the excess as I went around.

My doilies weren't so big so I switched out my cartridges. I took out my 9" permanent cartridge with my Xyron 5" a\permanent adhesive refill.

Then I quickly ran my doilies through.

Peeled the protective film off then adhered it to the front of my project

Then I glued my bow down using more Diamond Glaze. Wait for your adhesive to dry first before attempting to fill your boxes. For a filler I used  iridescent shreds at the bottom of the boxes before adding my plush doll.

Not the typical party favor... but way better!! At least I'd like to think so!!

Here are few close-up

left-hand side

 right hands side

And a TRIO of Kitties!!

I hope you enjoyed today project!! Stay tuned for more projects (for this party) real soon!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a super crafty day!!

~ Mitsy