Monday, August 31, 2015

Get Well Soon

Hello Crafty Friends... Today I have the privilege of  sharing this beautiful project with you. All these these gorgeous flowers and flourishes are from a special woman who is known for her elegant designs that incorporate luxurious textiles and prints which have made her name synonymous with elegance.

Supplies Used
Anna Griffin Flourish Emblem Die (Cuttlebug)
Xyron Creative Station w/ 5" Permanent Adhesive Refill
Cut'n'boss (Craftwell)
Sizzix eclips 2 machine w/ ecal 2 software
Gold Metallic Cardstock (Grafix)
Martha Stewart Deluxe Paper Trimmer
Hot Glue Gun and Sticks
Craft gift bag
Wired Ribbon (Kirkland)
Gold Sharpie
Cutterbee Scissors
2Way Glue Pen (EK Success)
Glass Jar w/ lid
Homemade Chicken Soup
Tissue Paper

Almost all the beautiful elements I used for my project came from Anna Griffin Pretty Painting Card Kit.

As you can see there are more the enough  to make several projects. And just because it's called a card kit that shouldn't limit you to just making cards. The front panel of my bag was made by cutting... yes, I said cutting, this beautiful 5"x7" card that came in this beautiful kit.

Then I cut out this beautiful filigree panel from gold cardstock using Anna Griffin's Flourish Emblem Die and my Cut'n'boss machine.

Then I ran both the card panel and my flourish panel through my Xyron Creative Station. A lot of times adhesive have a difficult time adhering to craft paper. That is not the issue with Xyron's super strong adhesive.

I simply peeled my cardpanel and stuck it onto my craft bag. No need to worry about it falling off... it's there for good! Repeating again with my flourished panel.


The great thing about this Anna Griffin Card Kit id that almost everything (with the exception of the cards, ribbon, and inserts) in it is self adhesive.

These are the GORGEOUS FLOWERS I choose to embellish my bag. I 'd say that choosing which flower to embellish my project was the hardest part of the project. And not because it was  a difficult project to make but because everything looked great together... it was hard to choose just a few. 

I even made a coordinating label for my jar of soup with elements from this kit. The smaller cards included in this set made perfect jar labels. All I did was add a couple of the beautiful flowers to now "label" and gave it a quick pass through my Xyron  Creative Station.

I have the ugliest handwriting ever... so to save myself some embarrassment I decided to cut the words "chicken soup" out of more metallic cardstock with the help of my Sizzix eclips machine.

Then I adhered them to my label using a glue pen. Now doesn't that look way more prettier that my raggedy handwriting? LOL

For the lid of my jar I used the jar cover to trace a circle onto burlap material. I made this circle using a gold sharpie instead of a black one because black would stand out too much if it bled through my burlap

I drew a second circle about 1.5"-2" bigger than my traced circle and cut my burlap out along the outer circle. I placed my burlap over the lid and held it  in place with  rubber band. Then I wrapped it with my wired ribbon and finished the lid off with a basic bow. (Just a little tip: screwing the lid back on the jar before doing the previous steps helps tremendously)

I also made a triple looped bow and hot glued it onto my gift bag.

Lastly, I filled my clean glass jar with homemade chicken soup and adhered my pretty chicken soup label. My husband makes the best homemade chicken soup ever!! Sorry friends. I can't tell you you how it's made but I can tell you what's in it ... if you want to know feel free to message me. I can tell you I love it over store bought canned soup!!

 I don't know why but chicken soup always make people feel better. And looking at this get well gift almost makes me wish I was sick! What person wouldn't feel better after receiving a gift like this?! It's filled with comfort and made with LOVE!!

It's homemade LOVE in a jar (and bag)!! And, I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time, Crafty Friends...

Happy Crafting!!


  1. *cough* *cough* I think I feel the flu coming on, you must send pretty soup to make me feel better!! STAT!

    1. LOL... aww, if you lived closer I'd drop you off some!

  2. What M Samuelson said, above...... LOL :-)