Friday, August 21, 2015

Hello- Monarch Butterfly Card

Hello Crafty Friends!! It has been such an amazing week!! Today is the last day of the Xyron & Craftwell Inspiration Hop. I hope you had a great time viewing all the fabulous projects from Both the Xyron and Craftwell Design Teams!! 

Supplies Used
Cut'n'boss (Craftwell)

Teresa Collins Pocket Dies (Craftwell): 
Butterfly, Hello- Memory Collection, Doily- Lover's Lane, Stem, Leaves- Thankful 

eBrush w/ Sharpie Adapter

Bazzill Basics - Black, Green Monochromatic, Yellow Monochromatic
Core'dinations- Harvest Yellows
Craft cardstock (Colorbok)
Patterned Paper-  Craft Smith Natural Luxury

Sharpie Markers:
Moss Green, Brown, Mustard, Gray, Yellow, Orange

PITT Artist Pen B (Faber-Castell)
Gesso (Liquitex)
Diamond Glaze
Cutterbee Scissors

First I started of by cutting out my die shapes out of cardstock. Because of the Cut'n'boss' huge platform I cut cut several dies at once and that means I don't have to make as many passes as I would if I were using a smaller machine.  

For my sandwich combo (especially when cutting multiple layers) I use the following combination:

From Bottom to Top
D Plate
A Plate
Magnetic Plate
Metal Plate
A Plate

In one pass I was able to cut 1 doily, 2 layers of butterflies, 2 hellos, and (because my craft cardstock was on the thin side) I was also able to cut 3 layers of sprigs and 3 layers of leaves all at the same time.

Next airbrushing my die cut pieces...

I airbrushed my yellow butterfly using my ebrush machine and a yellow and orange Sharpie.Concentrating the orange to the tips and center of my butterfly.

After ebrushing I hand drew the black details using a  Brush PITT Artist Pen. Coloring in the body of the butterfly and outlining the wings. I did a web search for Monarch Butterfly images as a reference to my outlines.

Monarch Butterfly don't have a little "tail" (that's what I;m calling them) at the bottom of their wings, so I snipped them off with a pair of scissors.

With some gesso and a toothpick I added the small white details to my butterfly's wings and body. Set aside to dry.

While my butterfly was drying... I snipped off the tails from the second butterfly and ran it through.
 I bent my butterfly wings back and just applied diamond glaze to the body and adhered it to the top of my second butterfly that I just ran through my Xyron Sticker Maker. Once it was dried I had a three dimensional butterfly sticker.

I then ebrushed my sprigs and leaves. I ebrused the springs with mustard and gray. And my leaves in moss green and brown. I also ebrushed 1 layer of my "hello" word. This be my top layer. I adhered the rest of my helloes together using 2way glue and stack them onto each other with the ebrushed layer on top.

I ran my all my freshly ebrushed pieces through my Xyron Creative Station all at the same time and included a mat for a 5"x7" card. 

At the very last minute I decided I wanted an additional mat for my mat... LOL... so I just attached it, with my Xyron Mega Runner, directly to my 5"x7" card base I made out of black cardstock..

Then I peeled and adhered all my elements to my card front.

And finally peeled my butterfly and adhered it to my cardfront.

And here is my finished card... 

 I absolutely love how this card, especially the butterfly, turned out!! I am just so happy with all the little details on just this piece alone!

 Here are a couple more shots of the butterfly...

I hope I was able to inspire you with today's tutorial!!
Until next time...

~ Mitsy

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