Monday, August 1, 2016

Altering and Upcycling with Kraft Cardstock

Hello, Crafty Friends!! I'm back this week kicking off this month with the Cut'n'boss team! And for today's project I will be upcycling/ recycling frappuccino glass bottles. I've done some similar projects before but this time I wanted to minimize the amount of supplies needed to make this project and make it relatively simple to make.

Supplies Used
Cut'n'boss (Craftwell)
Teresa Collins Pocket Dies (Craftwell)
Kraft Paper Stack (DCWV Inc.)
Hole Punch
Hot Glue and Glue Sticks
Glass Bottle (Cleaned)

I started by cutting my 12"x12" sheet of kraft cardstock into 2- 6"x12" pieces. I laid them on top of one another and placed my dies (blade side down) onto the cardstock using the following platform combination:

From Bottom to Top

I did this multiple times, removing the die-cuts after each run. I rotated and moved around the dies to make the most of my paper.

For each 6pt flower I used 4 cut-outs and for each wavy edged flower I used 5 cut-outs.
 To start off each flower, I stacked them and cut a slit toward the centers (about 1/4" long). Really just a little snip.
Next, I pinched each petal down the center.
Then, punched a hole through the center of each and inserted a metal brad.
Then, staggered the petals so they were not just laying on top of one another.
For this flower, I repeated the first couple steps from the 6 pt flower.
 Cut a slit then stacked them, punched a hole and inserted a brad.
The next step differs a little... 
 I created a bud in the center. I did this by first pinching my petals, on the top flower, in half. I folded them over each other creating a bud, and secured them together with hot glue. 

I did this to only the top flower. For the rest of the petals of the remaining flowers I just folded them in half, like I did in the 6pt flower, and then folded them toward the bud. Wrapping them around the the bud but not securing them with glue. 

The result... a rose. So pretty!!
I wanted to attach my flowers and leaves to my bottle but I wanted to dress up the neck and give the glue something to grip onto. I did this with a bit of hemp twine wound around the neck and secured in place by a simple double knot.
Then anchored my leaves onto the twine and my flowers onto the leaves with more hot glue.

And here is my finished bottle...

Makes for gorgeous "On Display" starage...


a lovely EVERYDAY flower vase.

I very budget friendly option for household needs.

I hope you enjoyed today's project! 
See what you can do with your next glass bottle of coffee!!

~ Mitsy

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