Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hello, DONUT!!

Hello, Crafty Friends!! I'm back with a super easy project that you will just devour!! But then again, it might just be too pretty to eat!! LOL

I cut out my pretty paper to make this cute little treat box. The box was cut from a die designed by Eileen Hull. It is her Flower Pocket die. And I was sooooo overjoyed and giddy with excitement when I realized that her box was the perfect size for... DONUTS!! How fab is that!!! Seriously... this just made me the happiest big little kid EVER!!!

These fabulous papers just made an inexpensive treat look tres chic!! And who doesn't love DONUTS, right??!!

Supplies Used
Double Sided High Tack Tape (Xyron)
Hemp Twine
Hot Glue
Coffee Bevarage w/ Straw (optional)

Today, I will be using gorgeous papers from DCWV's Hello Darlin' Stack. This stack is available at Joann Stores and On their website! I bought mine online here.

This entire stack is GORGEOUS!! Just look what a flipped to on the very first page!!

There were lots of other beautiful prints but ultimately this was the patterned I decided on using.

I started by cutting my 12'x12' paper in half. Now, I have two 6"x12" pieces.

I took one piece and completely covered just one of the panels (there are 2 on there). I do this because the die itself is about 13 inches long and my sheet is only 12. I if I just ran covered the entire die I would have a huge piece missing from one of my die-cuts. But If I cut each panel separately they both can fit on one 6"x12" piece of paper. 

Here is where the piece that was left over after my initial cut. I just turned the leftover piece to accommodate the second panel and presto both panels fit on one 12"x6" piece. This stretched my paper and now I can get 2 whole boxes from 1 12"x12" sheet of paper.


Assemble is super easy. Just fold along the score lines and attach together by adhere the flaps to the panels. I like using a high tack tape for really strong hold!

And tah-dah!! This box is just too cute!!

And then when I thought this cute little ox couldn't get any cuter... I added a few pretty embellies to the front of my box. I secure them all place with a bit of hot glue.

And presto... Pretty Breakfast To-Go or To Gift!! Who would love to see this sitting on their desk waiting for them??

I'm thinking of making an arsenal of these pretty treats for my kiddos teachers and school staff  on a first day of school and start this school year with a delicious BANG!!

I hope you all enjoyed my project for the day.