Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cityscape Backdrop

Hello Crafty Friends!! I have another "SPIDEY" project to share with you all. This is a cityscape skyline backdrop for my son's upcoming birthday party. If you read the previous post about his birthday banner you already know that he absolutely wanted a Spider-Man themed birthday party. And, I was more than thrilled to take up the challenge.

For those of you who have read my post about with the Giant Cupcakes
you know I love to use mat-board for my over-sized party decorations. I do this for 2 reasons. 1) I do not possess the necessary tools or skills to make it out of wood. And, 2) Mat board is so much easier and lighter to handle and craft with.  

For the action signs I used Design on Cloud 9's Superboy & Supergirl cutting files and I slightly enlarged the backgrounds behind the wording.

 The BOOM is from the Supergirl file.

 Pow is from the Superboy file

Wham also came from the Supergirl file.

Each file has two sets of action words in addition to various superhero themed designs.

This picture is to show how HUGE this backdrop is. This is my 5 year old and my 1 year old in the picture hamming it up.

As you can see it is taller than she is!

And my 1 year old is barely peeking through the buildings. 

This scene is great on the floor but thankfully it's not going to stay here for long... I'm afraid my children will do some Godzilla action on this city and it'll be mangled before it's used for the party. So, back up and away it goes till later.

That's all I got for today. But this is the last week before the party and I'm going for one last push before then to crank out more Spider-Man/ Super hero themed party decorations. 

I'm hoping to get a little more done before the big day. Check back soon for more updates and progress!

And, Happy Crafting Everyone!!

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