Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Birthday Swing Card

Hello Crafty Friends... Today's project is another first for me. Using my eclips machine from Sizzix  and ecal software I made this... my very first "flip" card.  I was more than happy (ecstatic really) to test Designs on Cloud 9's new Swing Card file. 

The file comes with the card base, center panel and mat, and scalloped borer.
Sorry, flowers and leaves are not included. Hydrangea flowers and leaves pictured throughout are from Prima Marketing.

Another thing is the center panel is rectangular... not just the matted ornate shape in the center. I made it look like it's floating by creating this card with a plastic/ acetate panel. Basically I cut 3 of the card base panels out (2 panels of patterned paper and 1 panel made from clear acetate). I sandwiched all three sheets together with the clear acetate as the center panel.

Just a little note: This card folds up to a standard A2 sized card.

^^^ Folded Front View^^^

^^^ Flat Front View^^^

Remember... Because this is a flip/ swing card, whatever you put on your center window will be "flipped" to the opposite side that is on (what's on the front will end up on the back & vice versa).

^^^ Flat Back View

^^^Folded Back View^^^

This was a lot of fun to put togethher... I think I'm gonna make these cards on a regular basis!

And I think everyone should attempt interactive cards! It's not just fun making them but fun for whomever receives them as well!

Now, go get crafting! 
See you next time!!

All digital files and svgs are cut using my Sizzix eclips machine & ecal software.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pretty & Posh Headband

Sorry, no tutorial for this headband. Just wanted to stop in to share another cutesy headband I made... this time using tulle!!

I simply made a little flower gathering the pink tulle and sewing it with a straight stitch and pulling till the ends met and hot glued in place. Then I ebrushed it with a purple Spectrum Noir marker. I hot glued the little puff along with previously ebrushed feathers onto a sequined headband and added some bling in the center for a finishing touch.

closer view 

My girls love wearing fancy things... so my hands have to make up for what my wallet won't allow. LOL That's ok, it's a great excuse to craft! That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Happy Crafting Friends!

Altered/ Steam Punk Tag

Hello Crafty Friends!
I got something new I'm trying out. My very first ever altered/ steam punk styled project! I've always loved Steam punk... it reminds me of an era that most modern invention were just coming into being. Steam locomotives & automobiles had just come into the limelight. Geared gadgets were all the rage. It was an era that was filled with mystery and a smokey haze. It sounds terrible romantic!

One of my favorite designers captures the pure essence of steam punk in his crafts... Tim Holtz. I love how he throws a bit of old world charm into his designs, fashion, and overall surroundings! He is just AMAZING! I was lucky enough to have met him many years ago, back when I lived in Hawaii, and let me tell you...he IS as awesome in person as he is over youtube! Actually, maybe even better!! He is one of most down to earth, patient, & encouraging people you could ever meet.  

Ok... got side tracked... where was I?? Oh yeah, my tag!
Now, It's no Tim Holtz original but I still love how it came out!
This tag is HUGE! It's about 5"x8". All the gears, keys, nuts & bolts, and locks are cut files from Designs on Cloud 9's Doo Dads 1 file with the help from my Sizzix eclips machine & ecal software.

I ebrushed all the pieces as well as the edges of the tag with metallic markers. Then I randomly placed them across the tag. This would be awesome to hang on a gift or even make into a journal... I haven't quite decided yet.

Well, crafty friends, just goes to show you... Don't be afraid to try something new!!

All digital files and svgs are cut using my Sizzix eclips machine & ecal software.

Super quick & easy eBrush stenciled cards

I have been loving my eBrush machine!
Some days I literally search for things to spray with this bad boy! I kid you not! And today I have 2 super easy cards I made using this awesome machine. What made these super quick & easy is that I got most of my design element, the gorgeous background, from the help of a stencil! Yes, you can make you own patterned paper with STENCILS!

I designed this background, believe it or not, using my ecal software and then I cut the stencil out from acetate sheets with my Sizzix eclips machine.

This was just plain white card stock eBrushed with ink from my Spectrum Noir turquoise marker set. I then matted it onto matching colored card stock and adhered it to more white card stock. Then I Wrapped  it in twine and added a felt rosette (quick tutorial can be found HERE). Added then added a sentiment to complete the card.

For this card I used the exact same stencil. I just centered the stencil and eBrushed it with 4 different Spectrum Noir Markers from the Purple color family set(PL2, LV2, PL5, & LV3). I layered them to give them an ombre effect and then simply stamped a cute flower image and sentiment directly over the background. And to dress it up even more I added self adhesive flat back pearls. 

And there you have it... super simple! Honestly, the hardest part of these cards were picking what colors to make them. LOL

If you have a digital cutting machine and would like to cut your own stencil I have made an SVG file of the ornate background HERE. You may download it for free but please do not redistribute my files. Instead, I kindly ask that you to direct individuals to download their own copy from my blog. THANKS!

Now go craft something with your new stencil!! And don't forget your eBrush!!

All digital files and svgs are cut using my Sizzix eclips machine & ecal software.

Fancy rosette headband

I have been playing a lot with my eBrush lately. And, I've been making more projects than I have time to post. Here's one I did a couple weeks back. A super cute flapper girl styled headband.

Both my girls love wearing cute frilly hair accessories. So, it's a good thing I like making them headbands because those things can be ridiculously expensive.

Here I simply cut out a scalloped circle. Then continued cutting the scallops toward the center in a spiral pattern. Then, with my eBrush and a purple Sharpie, I airbrushed the edges to give it more depth.

Starting from the outer edge of the circle I rolled my scallop toward the center creating a rosette hot gluing the rosette's layers in place as I went along. 

I also used my eBrush to add color to these ostrich feathers. All my feathers started off as white as shown on the feather on the right. I also used Sharpies on this step.

Then I hot glued all my pieces to a sequined headband.

And, Tah-dah!! 

Here's one of mommy's little princesses trying it on.

Top view... from this angel the feather looks almost ombre... super cool!!

And there ya have it... A super cute yet super easy project!

Craft HAPPY till next time, Friends!!

Wish Big- Monster Birthday Card

 Hello Crafty Friends! I'm sharing a cute monster birthday card today using my Sizzix eclips machine , ecal software, & Designs on Cloud 9's Monster Birthday file set. My daughter will be turning 7 and I thought this would make a cute card for her. Did you know, monsters don't only have to be for boys?! Change the colors of the monsters or add a bow and presto... instant girl monster! I chose this particular monster because I loved how it has it's arms stretched WIDE open like giving a big hug. And I just adore those cute little bucky teeth!

I was asked if the sentiment was a part of a cut file and sorry to say that it is not. I made the sentiment from a font I already owned on my compuer. The font I used is called Independence  and  it is available to download for free if you don't already have it.

I just love balloons... and what better way to top it off than with twine. I'm so glad that a lot of craft companies started making baker's twine in more colors than the classic red. There's something about this silly string that just makes me happy!!

And, speaking of happy... another one of my favorite things that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face...cupcakes!  I just had to include cupcakes all over. I just couldn't stop at a couple of cupcakes! Nope, I had to plaster cupcakes all over the background!! I embossed it with the 5x7 cupcake folder from Cuttlebug's Once Upon a Princess set.

I hope this card puts a bigger smile on my daughter's face than it did on mine! 

Happy Crafting Friends!

All digital files and svgs are cut using my Sizzix eclips machine & ecal software.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

eBrushed Burlap Pin

Hello Again Crafty Friends!! If you've read my last post about the Super Cute Hair Ties I made you know that I've used this fabulous tool to get that super cool airbrush effect on my flowers. I find it adds sooooo much dimension and depth to my projects.

This little wonder is called the eBrush and is made by Craftwell. It's a personal airbrush machine you can use with markers... yes, MARKERS!! The eBrush comes with 6 different adapter heads. And, my favorite at the moment is the Sharpie adapter. Yes, you heard that right again!! Sharpies!!

Here is another project I made using my eBrush & Sharpies... on, of all things... BURLAP!!
Have you ever tried coloring burlap?? Let me tell you, it's not pretty! But this tool makes it effortless. 

I used the same techniques to build the hair ties to make this rustic pin. You can visit the tutorial HERE.

But instead of adding my flower to a headband I added a pin backing to it.

I even colored my flat back pearl with the eBrush!

This tool is so awesome! I'm literally running around my house looking for different things I can airbrush... I'm having waaaay too much fun!

So, stay tuned for more eBrushed projects coming soon!

And, the word through the grapevine is eBrush is starting a Design Team...Eeeeeek!!! I think I'm gonna give it a shot... WISH ME LUCK!!

Happy Crafting Everyone!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Super Cute Flower Hair Ties

Sizzix Big Shot or Personal Die Cutting Machine
Sizzix Tattered Flowers by Tim Holtz
2 Sheets Pink Felt
2 Pink Buttons
2 Ouch-less Hair Elastics
Hot Glue Gun & Glue sticks

eBrush airbrushing system
Pink Sharpies

I used Sizzzix's Tim Holtz's Tatter Flowers die and cut out 8 of the large 6 pt flowers and 4 of the small. Using my eBrush machine I airbrushed the 8 large flowers to give them more depth. These will be your "petals". I left the 4 small ones plain... 2 will be flower "bases" and 2 will be "covers".

Up close view of  ebrushed flower. This part is optional. 

Have your hot glue gun ready.

With a dab of hot glue in the center of flower fold flower in half. press and wait for glue to set.

Add another dab of hot glue and again fold flower in half like so. Again, press and wait for glue to set.
This will make your flowers "petals". Repeat with the remaining 7 flowers. You should have a total of 8 petals.

You will need 2 of your small plain flowers next. These will be your flower "bases". With 1 of the flower bases add a peas sized dab of glue from the center to close edge of the flower petal.

Add your petal to flower base.

Repeat 3 more times... laying them in a circle pattern and completely covering the flower base.

Hot glue button to center of flower. 
Repeat previous steps onto second flower base.

Once glue has set and cooled, flip flower over. Hot glue hair elastic in place. Top with cover flower and hot glue in place.
Repeat with to make second flower

There you have it... a super cute set of hair ties!!

And I have one of the most cutest munchkins in the world modeling for me...

She just loves to show off all Mommy's hard work.

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial!

Happy Crafting!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Big Time Fun Double Scrapbook Page Layout

Hello Crafty Friends... I'm gonna make this a super quick post. Sorry 'bout that in advanced. But it's still a super cute & fun layout!

I used my Sizzix eclips machine in conjunction with the ecal software and Designs On Cloud 9's Circus In Town file set for all the circus animals and tent. For the ornate label I used the Labels With Shadows set. And for the fonts I used Big Top( for the words Big Top) and  Cafe Rojo (for the word fun). Both are free downloadable fonts.

Below I have addition close up pics of the entire layout.

And there ya have it... told ya this was gonna be quick.
I'll make it up with my next post...

Til then,
Happy Crafting!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Quick & easy eBrush HACK

My latest craze and adventure has been this little machine... It's called the eBrush and is made by Craftwell. It is a airbrush system that utilizes most craft markers on the market. Most... is the key word there. The system comes with 6 adapters. These adapters work with the following markers: Tombow, Spectrum Noir, Prismacolor, Sharpie Fine, Copic Sketch, and Chartpak.

A lot of these markers are very pricey. And, if you are like me and don't have bottomless pocket book you might wanna pay close attention... because I've hacked my eBrush!!

Yes, I don't own most of the brands mentioned above... even with a craft store coupon it is still way out of my priec range. Copics tend to run about $8 a pen. That's right, A PEN!! And a set of 6 can easily set you back $50... YIKES!! Let's not forget that copics come in over 300 colors!

let's do some quick math:

$8 x 300= $2400

Um, yeah... how about NOOOOO!

 I maybe have a handful of Copics (if even that) and I bought them about 10 yrs ago. hey, don't judge, they still work! I do, however, have a pack of sharpies. Walmart had a pack of 12 for $5.97. Now that is an easier bullet to bite.

 I also have in my possession,  markers that I thought were Tombow... Well, it turned out they weren't. They are Marvy Uchida's Le Plume II. Which coincidentally looks a lot like the Tombows... except they are thinner. 

And, guess what, they did not fit in any of the adapters... at first. Here's my hack...

You know those foam/ cushion sleeves/ grips ( whatever you wanna call them)... you know those thingies you slip on your pencils and pens to cushion your fingers... Yeah, those things. Well, it turns out they make awesome adapters for your adapters!!

I found some on my pencils I had for years... removed them from the pencils. Then I cut them into about 1/4" pieces. You can cut several from one sleeve. As you can see I can get about 5 or 6 from this one.

I slipped it onto my marker.

Then slid it into the adapter. For the Marvy's I used the Sharpie adapter. 
Adjust as needed and test the airflow over the marker tip.

While the air is activated, adjust the position till the ink is released in a continuously smooth spray. It should look like a fine mist. That is what's called the "SWEET SPOT". You may have to move your marker further in or further out of the adapter to find it. Still can't find it? Try tilting the tip up or down. 

And there you have it. 

Try the wonderful and inexpensive alternative to buying pricey markers... your wallet may thank you for it!

Stay tuned for upcoming projects made with the eBrush... I'm gonna be trying out for their upcoming eBrush design team... Wish me LUCK!!

Happy Crafting Everyone!