Friday, July 26, 2013

Alice In Wonderland - Drink Me


It's that time again... time to reveal my latest in Wonderland creations!!

Let's not beat around the bush!
 All file used to make this layout were from Designs On Cloud 9.

 I used Wonderland Cuties to make this adorable Alice.

I've been practicing my eyelashes and ,let me tell you, adding the eyelashes makes a huge difference! I also added detail lines to her hair-bow, hairline, and cheeks.

Layered her with adhesive foam between her hair layers and under her head for more added dimension.

 The bottle is from DC9's Bottles file.

 I added three layers of adhesive foam under the bottle just to make it even with Alice... that's how much dimension is this paper piecing... a whole heap!!

The key & gears are from the Doo Dads1 file. And for the pocket watches I again used Wonderland Cuties... it's the White Rabbit's pocket watch.

 For the border on the photo mat I used Photo Mat Fun. I love this file... it also makes a great page border!

Believe it or not, I used the same file to make the border and mat (Background-Diamonds). The mat measure 4"x6" and the border is 3"x11.5" (uncheck the keep proportions box to get this stretched argyle effect).

And last but not least... I used DC9's Gnome file to make the door... just the door not the hinges or keyhole. You can find those also in the Doo Dads 1 File. But sorry guys, sadly the Gnomes file has been retired! :(
Maybe if Michelle gets enough requests she might bring it back... maybe... don't quote me on that!

So there ya go... yeah, it took SIX files to make this one... but sooooooo worth it! I love how it came out!

Recap on the files used:
Design on Coud 9's Wonderland Cuties, Bottles, Doo Dads 1, Photo Mat Fun, Background- Diamonds, & Gnomes(retired)

Oh no I almost forgot... FREEBIE FRIDAY!
DC9's new files of the week!

Here they are:
This one is called Greeting Bubbles.

And here are this weeks new files... sorry, these are not free. :(

Check back here real soon... Got more Wonderland layouts I' gonna dish out... plus other paper piecing creations for your viewing pleasure! 

Happy Crafting my friends!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Alice In Wonderland Teddies

Hello Monday! Even though I loath Mondays, I am happy to say that this morning is not so bad. Finished tweaking  a layout I was making yesterday. Continuing on my Wonderland theme... here's my latest creation. Hope y'all enjoy!!

For this layout I used Design on Cloud 's Wonderland Cuties & Love Bugs to make Alice. Love Bugs for the caterpillar. Garden Pixies for the mushrooms & daisies. And, Betsy's Borders for the trim.


To Make Alice I combines the body, hair, dress, & shoe of the Alice File from DC9's Wonderland Cuties set with the bear head from the Love Bugs set. Instead of Alice's arm and legs being flesh colored I cut them out of brown cardstock. And, then I added her hair & bow to the teddy bear head.

 She was going to be standing in this layout but I thought she would be cuter if I had her sitting on a mushroom.
This little guy was the whole reason I decided to make the characters teddy bears. I used the Dragonfly file from the DC9's Love Bugs Set. I just nixed the wings and presto instant teddy bear caterpillar!

And you have to have the caterpillar sitting on a giant mushroom... that's how he met Alice in the story... at least that's how I remember it in the cartoon version.

And being only inches tall I had Alice and the caterpillar surrounded by giant daisies.

Don't Forget to check back with me! I will be posting another addition to my Wonderland Family real soon!!
Have an AWESOME day friends!
Now, go get crafting!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Alice In Wonderland - Queen & Rabbit

Happy Friday!

It's that time again... and I am so looking forward to the weekend! My week has been so crazy that I was only able to squeeze one layout out. My baby boys are having it rough... my 6 mos. old is teething bad and extra fussy and clingy, & my 2 yr old is potty training ( lots of clean ups... thank God none were #2)!! My sis-in-law was rushed to the ER(come to find out she had gall stones & had to have surgery) and I had her 2 yr old and 5 yr old over... but only for a day they left later that evening. But then, my 4 yr old mini me, catches a bug which she generously just gave the potty training 2 yr old. It's been a rough ,rough, rough, week!!

On top of all this, after constant nags and prods to sell my creations, I finally gave in. I am now a new member of the Touch Of Class Group (TOCG) selling group on ebay. Yay!!

These ladies are super talented! I'm lucky to be a part of such gifted individuals!
If you have time or are interested in purchasing any of my designs message me or check us out on ebay. (Search for TOCG)

Anywho... Now, down to the nitty-gritty...I started with this one because I thought that this was going to be the easiest out 4 layouts I designed. That was, until I ran out of black cardstock!! Yikes!! You never know how important black (or white) paper is until you run out! So, here is my one lonely project of the week, as featured in Design on Cloud 9's weekly newsletter.

This layout is just the start of a collection of Wonderland layouts I'll be making. Enjoy!

For this layout I used DC9's new Wonderland Cuties for the queen of hearts and white rabbit. And Pretty Roses file for those awesome roses. For the playing cards I used the rounded rectangle in my eclip's ecal software in the "my shapes" section under basic shapes. The card suits can be found under the game section of the library.

Close Ups

Now... Freebie Fridays!!

DC9's Freebie of the week:

which coincidentally coordinates with not one, not two, but three other new files Michelle just released...

AAAAAAND... As if all this wasn't enough... she also released five other files as well!

And, if you are an avid card maker... these two files are a must have!!

& last, but certainly not least, A2 Shaped Cards

HOOOOOO-WEEEEEE!! That is a ton of stuff to go over! I'm pooped!! 

Now, Go Get Crafting!
Ready, Set, Craft!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Candy Crush / Sugar Rush Inspired - U R 2 Sweet

Happy Friday!!
I have had sugar on the brain for quite a while now. My 2 year old son love's to watch Wreck it Ralph EVERY night right before bed. Does anyone else's kid do this (have a movie that they watch over & over & over & over again)? So, for this weeks Designs on Cloud 9's newsletter project was inspired by the movie and I finally made a candy themed layout. Yay!!

For this I used Suri's Sweet Treats for the lollipops, mints, bonbons, icing (muffin top), and cherry. Sweets for My Sweet for more chocolate bonbons.  Gingerbread House for the gumdrops. And, of course, My Sunshine Title for the sun.

Close Ups

I used two different thicknesses of foam adhesive to add more dimension and bring some of the candy even further off the page.

Added faux stitching throughout the layout to separate the layers and because I can't actually sew. :(

Added more faux stitching on the title to separate it from the clouds.


This weeks freebie is AWESOME! And, what a ca-winky-dink... MORE SUGAR!!!

This file is called Sweet Addiction... perfect for all you Candy Crush junkies out there!!
Hurry and download it while it's free!! It is sooooo super cute!

And, while you're there... check out DC9's newest files!

(my personal fav)

You can check them all out here.

I have so many ideas brewing already! Can't wait to play!

Hope I gave you enough to dip into! What a great way to start the weekend!!
Happy Crafting Everyone!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just stopping in to share a card I made for a friend ... A friend of hers just had a baby. It's a retake on the Rocking Horse Card  I did a couple weeks ago but in pink instead of blue.

I'm currently in the middle of another project and will be posting again soon! Check back again soon & don't forget to follow me to keep up on my latest projects!

Have a happy, crafty day everyone!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Elephant Card

Happy Friday! 
I am pooped! The last two weeks have been soooooooo long and tiring! We visited my mom & dad for the fourth of July and me and the kids  spent part of the afternoon swimming and later that evcening we popped fireworks till after ten. We didn't get home till after midnight.  There is no Red Bull (my equivalent to a cup of coffee) in the house... sigh...
today is gonna be a long day, I just know it!

Now onto the fun stuff...

Here's a cute card I made for this week's Designs on Cloud 9 newsletter.

cute elephant card

I used the Designs on Cloud 9's Lil' Wild Thing file for the elephant, bird, & wagon and for the ornate shape I used Laurie's Labels shape #3. Mod background was a previous freebie from miss kate cuttables. The card measures 5" x 5", the inner mat was cut at 4.75" and so was the label. The assembled elephant measures 3.6" x 2.7" and the wagon measures 4.2" x 1.5".

And let's not forget it's also Freebie Friday at DC9. Todays freebie is...

Travel Icons

You can download it off the Designs on Cloud 9 website here. These would be great with all those family vay-cay & road trip pics you take this summer! Makes me almost want to pack up all four of my rugrats, hop in the car, and  head out onto the horizon seeking adventure...almost.

Ummm... maybe we'll save all those adventures for when they get older and can feed themselves and wipe their own backsides... yes, that sounds like a plan!

Well, while I'm home-bound, I guess I'll just keep on scrapping!

Craft on, my friends... craft on!