Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wonder Woman inspired card

Hello again Crafty Friends!
After throwing my son's birthday party last month I got to thinking... "Why can't their be more girl super heroes?? Why do boys get to be the only ones to be rough & tough??".

Then it dawned on me... Wonder Woman was and IS a pretty rough & tough, but oh so feminine, CHICK!! She is the O.G. of kick ass girl super heroes!

If you were a tough cookie of a girl growing up then more likely than not you wanted to be Wonder Woman when you grew up.  She was pure AWESOMENESS! She had a cool invisible plane, an unbreakable lasso of truth, and stylin' bracelets that were pretty much impervious to just about any and every weapon. You would have had to be crazy to not want to be her! Heck, I knew a few little boys that wanted to be her. Who could blame them?? She was waaaay cooler than some of the boy super heroes.

And so, here is my homage to her. A quick and easy Super Hero Chick Card. 

For this card I used Designs On Cloud 9's Heroes Set 2 to make Wonder Woman and Sunshine Card for the background.

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Craft Happy!

Father's Day Wall Decor

Hello Crafty Friends... here's another late post. Sorry bout that.

I have a tendency of doing a lot of things last minute. I'm a busy mommy of 4 and always on the go. After repeated and failed attempts at asking my dear 'ol dad in law what he would like to for Father's Day I was left with scouring the internet for last minute gifts. 

Thank God for the Pinterest!! I saw this sentiment and totally loved it. So I put my own spin on it and made it into wall art. I personalized it especially for my father-in-law who served in the U.S. Air Force for 27 years. I added an Air Force emblem and cut it using my Sizzix eclips. I tried to make it as true to the era as possible... thank you Google and ecal for making my research and designing such a breeze breeze! Using the shapes window and manipulating basic shapes I was able to make the Air Force insignia pretty spot on.

Of course I gotta use DC9's cutting files...

I used the Flying High July set for the plane and the Artisan Labels set for the background shape.

Love how simple stars in deep blue & red makes it look so patriotic.

Fonts I used for the sentiment were Arial Rounded MT Bold and Bevan. The Arial font family usually comes pre-installed in most PCs but if your computer didn't come with it you can download it from Fonts Geek here.

Do you like bold, and more importantly, free fonts?? Then Bevan is the font for you. You can download this great everyday font here.

I also added photo corners in two sizes and stacked them on each other to dress up the empty corners.

After I was done I set this page in a 12x12 shadow box so it can be hung & displayed on the wall. It really dressed it up. Unfortunately the glare off the glass made it difficult for me to take a good picture. So
I opted to take a pic without the frame.

I hope you forgive me not showing the finished project framed. And, I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

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Happy Crafting Friends!!

All digital files and svgs are cut using my Sizzix eclips machine & ecal software.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Owl Cards

Hello Again Crafty Friends!! Today's project is the easiest and quickest project project I have ever done.
These are simple cards I made using Designs On Cloud 9's Owl Card file. Each card only took a matter of minutes to put together. The hardest part was picking out my paper. Seriously, that was it! 

 Everything is pre-sized for you. Which make it a breeze to put together... practically a no-brainer!! 
Though, if you wanted to, you could resize the files to fit your needs.

 For even faster result use paper from one paper stack book. Usually paper companies mix & match papers whose patterns and colors coordinate perfect with each other. It takes a lot of the guess work off my shoulders so I can do more crafting!

  This File comes a base card and 4 different owls. 

Need a little more variety... try mixing the different body parts... all the eyes, tummies, & noses are all interchangeable!

Here are the 4 different owl as it comes in the file:
Owl #1

Owl #2

Owl # 3

Owl #4
I just love the eyelashes/ eyebrows on this last little guy... they kind of remind me of Groucho Marx! LOL
 I just love it!

This file would make awesome gift tags for presents!!

Go ahead and give these guys a try!
 And don't forget to share pics of your finished projects! I would love to see your take on this super easy and super cute card!

Happy Crafting!!