Sunday, June 30, 2013

Paris- La Ville De L'amour

It's Sunday already??!! Uuuugggghhh... am I the only one that dreads Mondays? Where the heck did my weekend go? I could have swore it was just here... hmmmm... Oh, well. 

At least I did get to pump out one creation and design a couple more.

Paris...La Ville De L'amour (The Cty Of Love)

For this layout I used Design on Cloud 9's New ScooterCute Patriotic Bear, & My Sunshine Title(for the sun).

bear up close

I thought he would be super adorable peeking from behind the frames and clutching flowers. And replaced his eyes with hearts to give him a love-struck type of feel. I also put adhesive foam under his head and hands for more dimension.

scooter close up

I can't say how much I LOOOOVE this scooter!! It was the inspiration behind the entire layout! I used a flourish for smoke/steam to give the impression that it was "scooting". I think it at least it hints to the idea that it's in motion... at least to me it does... but who cares, it's cute... tooting out love! Aaaahhh, sometimes I wish I lived in my layouts! They seem to be such such happy places.

Anyway... Where was I??
Oh yeah!

sun & clouds close up

Lately I've been wanting to stick clouds in EVERYTHING!!  And I just love this sun from DC9!! 

title close up

For some reason whenever I see scooters I think of Paris... that and tourist... but mostly Paris. Am I the only one?? So the title for the page was kind of a no-brainer. Except I just didn't want it to say "Paris, The City Of Love"... no, I wanted it to be more hoity-toity than that! I thought, what a better way to say it than to say it in French. Saying anything in French always makes it sound fancier & posh! 

This layout is my new favorite! But, I seem to be saying that about everything I make! Crafting always takes me to my "Happy Place". And, I hope this has inspired you to craft and take you to yours! 

Have an AWESOME Sunday Everyone!! And, HAPPY CRAFTING!!

Freebie Friday

With Mimi getting a plastic pellet from a Beanie Baby stuck in her ear and running around like a mad woman go from doctor to doctor I totally forgot to post this weeks freebie.

Remember, every Friday a new file is released. Each file is free for only one week and is then replaced the following Friday.

This Weeks Freebie is:

Cute Patriotic Bear

Visit Designs on Cloud 9 and get your free file HERE.

Happy Crafting!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rocking Horse Card - Blue

Hello hump day! 
Here's a cute Rocking Horse card I made using Designs on Cloud 9's Lil' Monkey set.  

All the following directions were done using my Sizzix Eclips with Ecal (SCAL) software:
 Assemble the rocking horse( body, hair, & rocking base) in scal, using the shadow feature then give it a 1 pt border. Then give that shadow a 4 pt shadow border... make a copy of the that last shadow and then placed the new one directly over it and line them up. They should look like one piece at this point. Next, use the flip vertical feature and raise the image till the two heads are just slightly overlapping making them look like they  are stacked on each other.  Now, merge the two images together. This will make the base of your card.  Cut the rocking horse and accessories to size and assemble.

You can make almost any shape into a folded card following the steps above. And to make a card that horizontally instead of vertically just use the flip horizontal (mirror image) instead of flip vertical mode.

Rocking Horse Card:

In this picture you can see where the two horse heads were merged together to make one... this is where you make your fold.

I also made a mat for the inside of the card by making another shadow of the original horse at  2.5 pt.

* quick tip*
If your horse is a little off balanced you can always weight one end by gluing buttons or bling to the inside of the card on the it's mat as embellishments. This way it doesn't affect the results of the outside of your card and decorates the inside at the same time.

And there you go... a rocking horse card that can rock!

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Accordion Style Owl Birthday Card

I went to bed late last night... or should I say early this morning. I had to make a last minute card for my mother-n-law's birthday (which is today). 
And I like love making myself suffer... So, instead of taking the easy way out and making her a 5 minute quickie card, I opted to prolong the sweet pain by making a 4 panel accordion style card. It came out so cute I'm so tempted to keep it! LOL!!

I used Designs on Cloud 9's What a Hoot file for all the uber cute owls.
The cupcake border was a punch from EK Success. And the Swirls atop are from a retired Sizzix Sizzlit die.

Out of all the cards I've ever made this is my favorite. I love how it turned out... it was sooo worth the lack of sleep! Oh well, Red Bull here I come!

And now for close ups...

Panel #1

Panel #2

Panel #3

Panel #4

Hope y'all have a fabulous Sunday! And, Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting Everyone!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello Sunshine Card

Hello Again! 
I was able to sneak in a few minutes to make a quick card using this week's new freebie.

I trimmed down the assembled card so it would have a border around the edges. I also used pop dots under every other ray of sunshine & banner to give it more dimension.

You can download this file HERE.

Now, go get crafting! Have an awesome day everyone!

Freebie Friday

And, what's a better way to start the day off than with FREE STUFF! Stop by at Designs on Cloud 9 and dowload there free file of the week.

Sunshine Card

But HURRY because it will only be free for one week then it will be replaced with a new file.

And if you make a purchase $6.99 or more they throw in the file of the month for free too! 
June's free file is:



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Awesome News

I received the most awesome news in my email last night... all my hard work paid off and I am one of 3 new members of the Design on Cloud 9's design team! Whoop, Whoop!! Yay!! So excited to get started... What to make first??? Hmmm??? Who cares!! All of tiher designs are super cute that anything I create is sure to come out FABULOUS!!

Well, I'm off to craft! And, hopefully will be posting pictures of something really soon!

Now, go get your craft on!
Happy Crafting Everyone!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

DT Call

So, since receiving news that I didn't make the LSHD's design team I got news that Designs on Cloud 9 was having their own DT Call. I figured, what the hay, I can give it another go. Here are some projects I made this past week as my entries:

Submission#1: Area 51

I used the Space Cadet set for the planets, rocket, ufo, and tall alien.For the baby alien, I used the tall alien from the Our Little Monsters set and nix'd the legs to make him shorter. And for the rocks I used the Camping Fun set and just made them different sizes and flipped them with the mirror image mode.

Here's a closer view of my aliens. I really love the Space & Monster sets! 

Submission #2: Camping Fun

I made this double layout using the Camping Fun set for everything except the sun and clouds, those were from the My Sunshine Title. I received that for free using my reward points. It's one of my favorites!

Here are close ups of the bears:

 I tried to put as much detail as possible into these pages... I love the way it turned out and I'm glad I took the extra time to do all the shading.

Now on to... Submission #3:

This project was the easiest and fastest to do out of all my project but I tried not to skimp on the detail. I made this for my best friend who lives in Hawaii and whom I dearly miss. She loves to sew so I thought the dress form was a perfect fit, and her all time most favorite color is turquoise. I picked up this frame from Ikea... I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it... I think I'm gonna have to go back for more! I think this is gonna look fabulous hanging on her wall!

And, Last but not least...


For my final entry I decided to make a card. An easel card. My very first time attempting to make one in fact. And, after results like this I think I may have to make them more often! I love, love, love how this card turned out!! :)

The bunny is from the Boy Bunny file.Which, I believe, was a past freebie. He was originally supposed to be standing but was too tall for my doily (from Spellbinders) so I re-positioned his legs. And, his binky I got from the  Little Monkey Girl set. I believe the Little Monkey boy set also has it. Just in case you don't have the need for a girl set. The leaves are from a sizzlit die. Photo corners were from a EK Success punch. Border across the bottom of the card was from a Martha Stewart Punch.

That's another thing that is so great...These sets are so versatile, as you can see, that you can mix and match all their sets to suit your needs and get the look your going for.  

Well, that was the end of my very busy week... now I'm gonna wrap up my equally busy 
Father's Day Weekend. Hope y'all have a great one!

Here's to keeping my fingers crossed for this upcoming week. Wish me luck & hopefully we'll hear some good news soon!

Happy Crafting Everyone!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Goooooood Morning Sunday! Well, the day started ugly... thunderstorms, heavy rain, nervous doggy... then all the kiddies wanted to do a dog pile on me... what a great start, right?!

Anyhoo, I crafted till the wee hours of the morning. It was the only me time I could get to myself, by myself. I was able to make 2 cards, YAY!! I used Little Scraps of Heaven Designs' Lion file. Tricia was nice enough to give this file for free... on one condition... you had to promise to create something with it and post it to the LSHD's Facebook fan page. 

A promise is a promise! And here is my take on it! I love how they came out!

I experimented with eyelashes and a mouth on this one. 

And on this one I decided to give some whiskers a go. I know all lions with a mane are boys but I couldn't resist making "him" in pink! Boy wear pink, right?! Then I cut off the body and cut down his legs to give him paws and made him into a peeker. <3 it!!

Gonna see if I can craft anything else today. Great weather today for it. Hopefully the family doesn't go stir crazy and want to go somewhere in this nasty weather... here's hoping! 

Happy Crafting Everyone!!