Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wonder Woman inspired card

Hello again Crafty Friends!
After throwing my son's birthday party last month I got to thinking... "Why can't their be more girl super heroes?? Why do boys get to be the only ones to be rough & tough??".

Then it dawned on me... Wonder Woman was and IS a pretty rough & tough, but oh so feminine, CHICK!! She is the O.G. of kick ass girl super heroes!

If you were a tough cookie of a girl growing up then more likely than not you wanted to be Wonder Woman when you grew up.  She was pure AWESOMENESS! She had a cool invisible plane, an unbreakable lasso of truth, and stylin' bracelets that were pretty much impervious to just about any and every weapon. You would have had to be crazy to not want to be her! Heck, I knew a few little boys that wanted to be her. Who could blame them?? She was waaaay cooler than some of the boy super heroes.

And so, here is my homage to her. A quick and easy Super Hero Chick Card. 

For this card I used Designs On Cloud 9's Heroes Set 2 to make Wonder Woman and Sunshine Card for the background.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Craft Happy!

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