Thursday, December 3, 2015

Flourishes & Flowers

Hello, Crafty Friends... I'm back again with another beautiful Die-Namites creation!
I love how intricate these dies are. And, I love how delicate they make my creations look. 
A lot of Die-Namites' die are filled with so much beautiful detail.

And because of that detail you may need a little extra help removing extra tidbits left in the die or poke out and cut-out still attached to your die-cut itself. 

Removal of such tiny pieces requires precision tools. And I am forever loosing my little "pokie" tool. I have lost a handful of them so far. I wish replacing them were as easy as losing them... but my closest craft store is about 45 minutes to an hour away. But my super store is just around the corner and it carries something that has a higher probability rate of it being in stock. 

So, what is my secret go to "pokie" tool replacement? Easy... dental tools! Come in a variety of sizes and run for $4 or less. The finer tipped tools tend to be a little sharp, but that is easily fixed by blunting the tip with a little bit of sandpaper.

Shading and coloring such delicate die-cuts poses a little bit of a challenge also. You need to have a soft touch or risk of damaging your beautiful pieces. I, on the other hand, am pretty heavy handed. So I need to have another tool the helps me with coloring and shading without mangling my paper. For this, I use an airbrushing machine that uses markers. It allows me to add layers of colors onto my piece without the need of rubbing.

The results are amazing!You can add so much depth from just adding a little color!!

I used the following dies:

Small Ivy

Budding Vine

Love Kite
As you can see, these are very intricate and detailed dies. They all coordinate and come together beautifully!!

And here is my finished card: 

I love these flourishes!!

Hope you enjoyed my project for today!! 

Until next time...
~ Mitsy


  1. Need I say WOW!!! This is amazing! Your flower is out of this world. <3

  2. Wow. The details on those dies are amazing.