Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Hero Arts United As One Release

Hey, Friends!! 
Hero Arts, along with two of my amazing friends- Pocono Pam & Dana Joy, have collaborated to release the New Hero Arts United As One Set

In my opinion, this stamp set was very much needed... now more than ever. Sadly, our society is greatly divided. Horrible events have turned the world upside-down and for far too long the world has turned a blind eye to racial and social injustices. But not anymore... It's time for a change! It's time to take a stand! It's time that we do better!! We need to unify our voices and hearts. We need to stop the division and come together!

The focus of this stamp is to encourage love and support. To some together in solidarity. To amplify and unify the voices of the unheard. To let people know you care and you stand with them and they are not alone.

Instead of harsh words, let's spread kindness and understanding!
You can intermix these stamps to form so many encouraging and uplifting sentiments!

Profits from this stamp set will go to charities that support racial injustice.

Finally, here is what I created with this set...

I chose to use the clasping hands from this set and repeated the image in different skin tones. We are all different shades- let's keep things real. But we should not let that divide us! I have so many friends of different shades and social backgrounds... I will not let their difference hinder our friendship. I respect and appreciate our differences and embrace each person according to what's in their hearts not what they look like. The holding of someone's hand, to me, represents compassion and support. Sometimes the simple act of holding one's hand speaks so much louder than words.

I am the type of person who wears my heart on my sleeve. But I also am the type of person who instantly speaks up when I see unfair and unjust treatment.

I am the type of person who will stand and raise their voice to call out bigotry.

I have ZERO tolerance for HATE!

Now, this stamp set may not be able to irradicate all the 'Negative-Nellys' of the world but it can spread hope and kindness! nd by doing so, hopefully, change a few hearts!


  1. Mitsyana...This card is beautiful!!!!! A love the soft color combo! Thank you soooo much for helping Dana and I celebrate!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Beautiful card! Love the different skin tones! You did an awesome job!!

  3. This card is stunning! I love how you placed the clasping hands and your coloring is amazing! Beautiful!

  4. Love this super RAD card, Miss Lady!!

  5. Love this super RAD card, Miss Lady!!

  6. Love *all* the different tones to your card - less division, more beauty!

  7. Mitsyana your card is wonderful! Such a great design. Thank you for joining the release of this stamp set!

  8. Beautiful slimline card, Mitsyana!! Found you through today's Hero Arts blog post. Just love what you did with that wonderful stamp set, using a trio of clasped hands in those cool windows!!

  9. A gorgeous card with an outstanding set!