Sunday, June 30, 2013

Paris- La Ville De L'amour

It's Sunday already??!! Uuuugggghhh... am I the only one that dreads Mondays? Where the heck did my weekend go? I could have swore it was just here... hmmmm... Oh, well. 

At least I did get to pump out one creation and design a couple more.

Paris...La Ville De L'amour (The Cty Of Love)

For this layout I used Design on Cloud 9's New ScooterCute Patriotic Bear, & My Sunshine Title(for the sun).

bear up close

I thought he would be super adorable peeking from behind the frames and clutching flowers. And replaced his eyes with hearts to give him a love-struck type of feel. I also put adhesive foam under his head and hands for more dimension.

scooter close up

I can't say how much I LOOOOVE this scooter!! It was the inspiration behind the entire layout! I used a flourish for smoke/steam to give the impression that it was "scooting". I think it at least it hints to the idea that it's in motion... at least to me it does... but who cares, it's cute... tooting out love! Aaaahhh, sometimes I wish I lived in my layouts! They seem to be such such happy places.

Anyway... Where was I??
Oh yeah!

sun & clouds close up

Lately I've been wanting to stick clouds in EVERYTHING!!  And I just love this sun from DC9!! 

title close up

For some reason whenever I see scooters I think of Paris... that and tourist... but mostly Paris. Am I the only one?? So the title for the page was kind of a no-brainer. Except I just didn't want it to say "Paris, The City Of Love"... no, I wanted it to be more hoity-toity than that! I thought, what a better way to say it than to say it in French. Saying anything in French always makes it sound fancier & posh! 

This layout is my new favorite! But, I seem to be saying that about everything I make! Crafting always takes me to my "Happy Place". And, I hope this has inspired you to craft and take you to yours! 

Have an AWESOME Sunday Everyone!! And, HAPPY CRAFTING!!

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