Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rocking Horse Card - Blue

Hello hump day! 
Here's a cute Rocking Horse card I made using Designs on Cloud 9's Lil' Monkey set.  

All the following directions were done using my Sizzix Eclips with Ecal (SCAL) software:
 Assemble the rocking horse( body, hair, & rocking base) in scal, using the shadow feature then give it a 1 pt border. Then give that shadow a 4 pt shadow border... make a copy of the that last shadow and then placed the new one directly over it and line them up. They should look like one piece at this point. Next, use the flip vertical feature and raise the image till the two heads are just slightly overlapping making them look like they  are stacked on each other.  Now, merge the two images together. This will make the base of your card.  Cut the rocking horse and accessories to size and assemble.

You can make almost any shape into a folded card following the steps above. And to make a card that horizontally instead of vertically just use the flip horizontal (mirror image) instead of flip vertical mode.

Rocking Horse Card:

In this picture you can see where the two horse heads were merged together to make one... this is where you make your fold.

I also made a mat for the inside of the card by making another shadow of the original horse at  2.5 pt.

* quick tip*
If your horse is a little off balanced you can always weight one end by gluing buttons or bling to the inside of the card on the it's mat as embellishments. This way it doesn't affect the results of the outside of your card and decorates the inside at the same time.

And there you go... a rocking horse card that can rock!

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Happy Crafting!!

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