Monday, July 22, 2013

Alice In Wonderland Teddies

Hello Monday! Even though I loath Mondays, I am happy to say that this morning is not so bad. Finished tweaking  a layout I was making yesterday. Continuing on my Wonderland theme... here's my latest creation. Hope y'all enjoy!!

For this layout I used Design on Cloud 's Wonderland Cuties & Love Bugs to make Alice. Love Bugs for the caterpillar. Garden Pixies for the mushrooms & daisies. And, Betsy's Borders for the trim.


To Make Alice I combines the body, hair, dress, & shoe of the Alice File from DC9's Wonderland Cuties set with the bear head from the Love Bugs set. Instead of Alice's arm and legs being flesh colored I cut them out of brown cardstock. And, then I added her hair & bow to the teddy bear head.

 She was going to be standing in this layout but I thought she would be cuter if I had her sitting on a mushroom.
This little guy was the whole reason I decided to make the characters teddy bears. I used the Dragonfly file from the DC9's Love Bugs Set. I just nixed the wings and presto instant teddy bear caterpillar!

And you have to have the caterpillar sitting on a giant mushroom... that's how he met Alice in the story... at least that's how I remember it in the cartoon version.

And being only inches tall I had Alice and the caterpillar surrounded by giant daisies.

Don't Forget to check back with me! I will be posting another addition to my Wonderland Family real soon!!
Have an AWESOME day friends!
Now, go get crafting!!


  1. I love the way you've put these files together! What an amazing job you've done! I love everything about it.

    1. Thanks Abigail! I've always admired your work! So,coming from you, that means a lot to me! :D