Thursday, July 24, 2014

Altered/ Steam Punk Tag

Hello Crafty Friends!
I got something new I'm trying out. My very first ever altered/ steam punk styled project! I've always loved Steam punk... it reminds me of an era that most modern invention were just coming into being. Steam locomotives & automobiles had just come into the limelight. Geared gadgets were all the rage. It was an era that was filled with mystery and a smokey haze. It sounds terrible romantic!

One of my favorite designers captures the pure essence of steam punk in his crafts... Tim Holtz. I love how he throws a bit of old world charm into his designs, fashion, and overall surroundings! He is just AMAZING! I was lucky enough to have met him many years ago, back when I lived in Hawaii, and let me tell you...he IS as awesome in person as he is over youtube! Actually, maybe even better!! He is one of most down to earth, patient, & encouraging people you could ever meet.  

Ok... got side tracked... where was I?? Oh yeah, my tag!
Now, It's no Tim Holtz original but I still love how it came out!
This tag is HUGE! It's about 5"x8". All the gears, keys, nuts & bolts, and locks are cut files from Designs on Cloud 9's Doo Dads 1 file with the help from my Sizzix eclips machine & ecal software.

I ebrushed all the pieces as well as the edges of the tag with metallic markers. Then I randomly placed them across the tag. This would be awesome to hang on a gift or even make into a journal... I haven't quite decided yet.

Well, crafty friends, just goes to show you... Don't be afraid to try something new!!

All digital files and svgs are cut using my Sizzix eclips machine & ecal software.

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