Thursday, November 27, 2014

Altered Keepsake Box

Hello Crafty Friends... Just stopping by to share with you this elegant keepsake box I made for a very close family friend. 

Supplies Needed
Storage Box/ Photo Box (letter size)

eBrush by Craftwell with SP (Sharpie) adapter head
Sharpies( lt, green, dk. green, red, orange, brown, gray)
Flower steel rule die (Sizzix/ Tim Holts-Tattered Florals)
Embossing Tool
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Ostrich feather
Feather Butterfly
Chipboard Frame
Assorted Ribbon and Lace
Decorative Stick Pins
Pre-made Paper Flowers (Prima)
Patterned Paper or Sheet Music
Assorted Brads

Cut you patterned paper using Tattered Florals die. You will need at 5 flowers to make 1 complete flower. To make the the 3 peonies on my box I cut out 5 large & 6 medium (6 pt flowers), 5 daisies
(9 pt flowers), and 3 leaves.
I eBrushed my peonies with my red sharpie and then brown. And ebrushed my daisies with an orange sharpie and then brown. Adding the brown deepens the color so it doesn't look so flat. With my embossing tool I curled my flowers into a bowl shape and stack them together, alternating petals. 

For the leaves I started with the light green sharpie, then dark green, and added orange and brown  around the edges. I again used my embossing tool to curl the edges of the leaves.

I bought these stamens in the baking department of a major craft store, They come in a variety of colors but I always have white on hand because they can be colored to match any color scheme. I ebrushed these with just my red sharpie.

The stamen are double sided and come with a bulb at each end so I cut them in half and inserted about 12 stamen (6 halved) into a hole I punched of the top flower. Secured it with hot glue.

Then I attached the leaves to the flower with hot glue.

These butterflies are pretty in just plain white but it was a little too stark for my project. I toned it way down by ebrushing it in gray black. One of my favorite things about using the ebrush is that most colors spray on translucent... and when sprayed over glitter the shine still shows through. I don't lose any of the sparkly effect!

I added my rub-on sentiment to the pre-made chipboard frame. Hot glued my ribbon down to my box,  before hot gluing my frame. Then hot glued my flowers, feather and butterfly on top of my frame. I inserted my decorative stick pins behind the base of the flower. I did not glue them into place... some people like to wear their pins, so I left that option up to them.

and there you have it a beautiful keepsake box to hold treasured memories. It also makes a very elegant gift box that would surely "wow" it's recipient! 

I made this one to give to my children's god-mother. It will house a scrapbook full of  our children's pictures. She is such a beautiful person and I wanted something that reflected her loving nature.

Hope you have a Beautifully Crafty Day!!


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