Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pretty Monogrammed Tote

Hey there eBrushing fans... 
DT Mitsy here to bring you a quick way to transform a plain cooler bag  into a pretty prim insulated tote. 

I was inspired by a project that you may have seen on HSN during their live eBrush segment... It was a mini burlap tote made by my awesome DT sister Yolie Burke...

How stinkin' adorable is that??!! 

So I too made a tote... but not just a regular tote and not a mini one either!
But I did stick to her layout... Why mess with a good thing!!

Supplies Used
Cooler bag (Coleman)
Steel Rule Flower Die ( Tim Holtz's Tattered Flowers- Sizzix)
White Tulle
Pink Ruffled Trim
Sharpie Markers ( Pink, Light Pink, Metallic-Silver)
needle & thread
Rhinstone Button
Contact Paper/ Shelf Liner
Digital/ Electronic Cutter

I started off by cutting my tulle. You can buy this at the local super store  for about 1 or 2 dollars. They come on a little roll 6 inches wide and contain several yards. I used my Tattered Flowers die to cut out flowers rom my tulle and because it's a steel rule die I can cut 20 layers layers through all at once.  

Then I stitched them all together, literally just a couple stitches through the center of the flower, making sure to alternated the petal in between each other. Then I  fluffed the petals to make a poof.

I then eBrushed my tulle flower with 2 different pink  sharpies. I first sprayed down a layer of light pink then dark pink toward the center.

I then attached a rhinestone button in the center and sewed onto the strap. I also sewed the pink ruffled trim along the edge of the outer pocket. 

Next, I cut a stencil using my Sizzix eclips and shelf liner paper. Because of it's adhesive backing it makes awesome stenciling material. My stencil is less likely to move which is extremely awesome because my surface isn't flat.

The font used for the monogram is called Egregio Script. It's a FREE font you can download for personal use only from I love this script it is very elegant and looks great as a monogram!

I then eBrushed my stencil with a metallic silver Sharpie.
I removed my stencil.... 

Oh, it turned out so pretty!!

I was going to give this to one of my daughters but I may have to keep this one. I have two daughters and I wouldn't want them to fight over it!! LOL

Hope this inspire you to eBrush and alter things you may already have at home. You'll be surprised at your results!

~ Mitsy


  1. If you keep doing these I'm gonna have to put an "air brush" on my wish list. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful projects you do. I love just browsing through them.

    1. Susan, that was the whole point... to lure you!! LOL
      You know we're still taking entries for the eBrush giveaway!!! If you didn't do it yet enter now because Craftwell is giving away 2!!!

      Here's the link to the rafflecopter on my blog:

      Good Luck!! Hope you win one!!

  2. Fantastic bag!!! Now I know how to cut tulle flowers. :) Thanks for the shout out! :)

    1. Girl, you can cut lace the same way to to make lace flowers!

      And, I'll send a shout out to you anytime!! Your work is fabulous!!