Monday, April 27, 2015

Felt flowers are for mommies too!

Hello Crafty Friends! Mitsyana Wright here with my very first Cut'n'Boss Design Team post!!
And I wanted to let you all know that this fabulous machine and dies aren't just for paper and scrapbooking! This machine can cut and do so much more!

Today I'm going to show you how to make these gorgeous flower hair ties using your Cut'n'Boss machine and the new Teresa Collins' "Girls Best Friend" Pocket Die Collection.

Supplies and Tools Needed
Cut'n'Boss Machine by Craftwell
Teresa Collins Pocket Dies (Girls Best Friend Collection)
2 Sheets of Felt
Elastic Hair Tie/Bands
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Rhinestone Buttons or Earrings
Button Shank Remover (if using earrings)

 Depending on the thickness of your felt you may need to add an additional "shim" to your platform "sandwich". For my thick felt I used the following "sandwich":

Stacked from bottom to top
"D" Plate
Medium Thickness Chipboard (my "shim")
"A" Plate
Magnetic Plate
Metal Plate
"A" Plate again

You are going to need 5 of the large flowers and 4 of the small

Then take one flower and fold it in half and hot glue just just a small pea size of glue in the center. Fold again and glue. At this point your flower should be quartered. Make sure to glue between folds and hold till glue sets. Repeat these step for 3 more  flowers.

Glue your 4 flower quarters to remaining flower. This will be your base.

Glue one of your small flowers to center... repeat 2 more times, make sure to turn the flower while placing the next 2 so that the petals are alternating.

If you have chosen rhinestone earrings as your centers (like I have), remove the backing with a button shank remover. Then glue to center of your flower.

Apply a generous amount of glue to center of flower and attach elastic band, quickly place your last flower over hot glue concealing it. Hold upright till glue sets.

And there you have it... a GORGEOUS Felt Flower hair accessory!!

I had enough felt that I was able to make a smaller version of the flower above using the medium sized die and repeating the above steps. This is great in case one of my darling daughters want to match mommy for the day!!

~ Hope I inspired you to try new things with your Cut'n'Boss!

Happy Crafting!! 
~ Mitsy

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