Monday, November 23, 2015

Butterfly Ornament

Hello, Crafty Friends!! It the holiday season and it's time to get those crafty gifts going. Today I have a beautiful butterfly ornament to share. It doesn't only serve as tree decor but as a gorgeous keepsake too.

Supplies Used
Cut'.n'boss (Craftwell)
Teresa Collins Pocket Dies- Today, Thankful (Craftwell)
eBrush (Craftwell)
Sharpie Markers- Green & Lime Greem
Spectrum Noir Markers- CG3, GB1, GB2, TN3
Acrylic Ornament
Hemp Twine
Cardstock- White & Green
PITT Artist Pen B (Faber-Castell)
Gesso (Liquitex)
3D Lacquer 
Iridescent Shreds (Optional)

I started off by using my stem and small leaf die from the Teresa Collins Thankful Pocket Die set to cut out white and green cardstock. I usually try to cut out more die cuts than I need... just in case I have an accident or two (or three). LOL

To cut wafer dies I used the following sandwich combination in my Cut'n'boss machine:

From Bottom to Top

Then I added some shading with the help of my ebrush machine and markers. With tiny pieces like these shading and coloring can be difficult. sponging and inking can run the risk of damaging your die cuts. With the ebrush the color sprays on and virtually eliminates the need for vigorous rubbing.

I ebrushed my green leaves with a lime green and regular green sharpie. And my stems in a lime green sharpie then Spectrum Noir markers in CG3 and TN3.

Then I ran my leaves and stem through my 3" Xyron Sticker Maker... turning my pieces into stickers.

Then arranged them onto my ornament... concentrating on the bottom and top of the ornament. I used 6 leaves for the entire top and 8 leaves for the entire bottom. And used 4 stems on the top and 4 stems on the bottom.

I cut out two butterflies for the Teresa Collins Today Pocket Dies set. ebrushed them in Spectrum Noir GB1 and GB2 and hand drew the details with a PITT Artist Pen (B) and used gesso and a toothpick to add the small white dots.

After they were done drying, I ran them through my 3" Xyron Sticker Maker and applied the onto each other. These butterflies are symmetrical and if flipped mirror itself perfectly. Now my butterfly is double-sided. 

I gently curl my butterfly's wing in and pass it through the hole of the ornament. Once the butterfly is inside you can open/ widen the wings by gently pushing on them with a chopstick or paintbrush. Add shreds if desired.

I wrapped twine around neck of the ornament and glued on a bow I made with even more hemp twine.

And here is my finished ornament...

I hope you enjoyed today's project.

And Happy Holiday Crafting!!


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  1. I absolutely enjoy seeing this beauty!! It is Simply beautiful!!
    Have a blessed day,
    Crafting with Creative M

  2. What a stunning creation! I am in awe of it. Great job!

  3. Love the leaves on the outside with the butterfly on the inside. You are amazingly talented.

  4. This is awesome, I love the butterfly, it looks great. Maybe I'll make an ornament like this for next year.

    Have a great night and happy crafting,
    Creative Crafting Designs