Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pineapple Picking (Paper Edition)

Hi, Crafty Friends! I'm baaaaack!! Back again with Team Xyron and lots of crafty fun!!
This week we'll be partnering up with Paper House and sharing with you all cool creations made with their awesome paper collections and Xyron adhesive.

Today, I'm feeling tropical! I took one look at these foiled sheets and just knew exactly what I was going to make!

I've always been an island girl. In fact, I was born on an island then raised on another island. In fact, if it weren't for meeting my husband, I'd probably still be there now. Growing up, when we would have P.E. class, we would do these exercises called "Picking Pineapples". It consisted of us standing with our feet spread apart, then bending over touching the ground 3 times with both hands, once in front, below, and slightly behind you. We called them "Picking Pineapple", the rest of the US probably knows them better as "Cherry Pickers"! LOL

So, after taking a trip down memory lane, I bring you my version of Picking Pineapples- Paper Edition!! No bending or sweating involved!! HAHAHA! Don't tell anyone but I sat on my butt the whole time!

I used papers from Paper House's Sun Drenched Paper Pad to create today's fun project.

Supplies Used
Sun Drenched Paper Pad (Paper House)
Tape Runner (Xyron)
Eclips 2 (Sizzix)
Pineapple Box SVG File (Lori Whitlock)
ColorBox Premium Dye Inkpad- Olive (Clearsnap)

I knew right away that I wanted to use Pineapple Box SVG file I had by Lori Whitlock.

 I loaded it into my software. and it looked like the picture of the left. I wanted at least cut two boxes from one 12"x 12" piece of paper. So, I resized it to 8.5" wide (with the keep proportions box checked). 

 I like to cut each like-colored shapes together. To do this, I right clicked and selected "ungroup". then removed the pineapple crown.

Then, I right clicked, clicked "copy" then clicked "paste". I rotated my second image so that both could fit the cutting mat. 

 I saw yellow and gold patterned paper in the pack and immediately it screamed PINEAPPLES at me!! The color and pattern were absolutely PERFECT!

I inserted it on my cutting mat into my machine and hit "cut".

I folded and creased all the crease lines and used my Xyron Tape Runner on all the tabs to adhere. This little guy packs some serious adhesive punch!!

Each pineapple needs 2 crowns. 1 regular and one mirrored. Just highlight what you want to be mirrored, right click, click "transform", then "flip horizontal (mirror)". Then multiplied as needed.

And as luck would have it, on the very next pages to my yellow and gold paper, this palm tree leaf/frond paper. I took each mirrored frond pair and attached them together with mire tape runner. Making sure to lay one regular cut and one mirrored cut back to back. Again, PERFECT!! Well, sort of. 

First, it needed a tad bit more color. So, I inked it with ColorBox Olive dye ink smoothed and evened out the color using my stylus tool. Now, look how gorgeous these crowns are!! And the fronds pattern gives them the look of textured leaves too!

Each box contains a slit on top. To add the crown to the box simply insert into the slit, fold back the crease line and adhere to the under side of the box lid.

And tah-dah... here are my awesomely funky pineaaple treat boxes...

I filled each of these with yummy chocolated but you can put whatever you like.

And these would totally be a hit at a Luau themed event or party!!!

I hope you enjoyed today's project! Who knows, maybe they will inspire you to do your own paper pineapple pickin'!!
Whoa, that's a mouthful! Hahaha!!

Till next time...