Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cupcake Box

Just as promised I'm back with another gift idea. I don't know about you but I am NUTS about sweets. I love desserts... cakepops and cuppycakes are my absolute favorites... and anyone that knows me personally can tell you first hand that I am always making both. So much so that I have been nicknamed the " Cupcake Lady" by my oldest daughter's classmates and their parents.

Aaaaannnnnd, speaking of cupcakes... How cool would it be to give some homemade love in a box as a deliciously yummy lip smackingly awesome gift?? Extremely cool, right?! Not only is it super inexpensive, it is totally customizable. 

Sweet, sweet, home-baked, goodness in the most cutest box... ever!!

But this box did not start out as a cupcake box... no, this box was originally created to house K-Cups. I used Design on Cloud 9's K-Cup Gift Box. I used my Eclips software to tweak the box masurements. You can also do the same on your prefered software. To get your box super-sized you must size each piece to the following measurements:

Bottom- W: 11.609"  H: 11.610"

 The image should take up almost the whole mat.

Lid- W: 11.437"  H: 11.439"

To get the correct sizing for the insert and flower rings you must ungroup the insert from the rings.
To do this select( just click)the picture then right click choose Ungroup. 

Select just the insert and adjust the size to:
Insert- W: 9.604"  H: 9.604"

For the flower rings... delete all but one. Select remaining flower ring and adjust size to:

Flower ring- W: 2.797"  H: 2.787"
Now copy and paste to get 4 rings.

 To make the window in the lid ...8
I inserted a shape to the center of the pattern of the lid. Cutting the the images together will cut the window out in the lid. DO NOT WELD THE IMAGES. Welding the images will make the cut lines for the second image disappear. You want both images to be cut out.

For my window shape I used DC9's More Artisan Labels.
the measurements of the window are:

Window- W: 4.580" H: 4.580"

I used a 5.75"x5.75" piece of acetate for the plastic window and hot glued it to the back side of the lid.
And TAH-DAH!!! A pretty window!

The insert is sized for the depth of k-cups... So, to make it just the right depth for cupcakes simply trim off .25" off each flap. And, for more stability I simply cut a 5.75"x 5.75" piece of chipboard and lined the bottom of the box. 

 This box will hold 4 standard sized cupcakes.

 I LOVE that this box has a cute scalloped edge.

 I decorated the corner of the box using one of Design o Cloud 9's new files called Floral Banners.

A box of cupcakes makes an awesome gift. It great for saying "Happy Birthday", "Thank You" or just "Thinking About You".

This batch is for a  family friend who has been there for me when I was in labor for all my children's birth and he (yes, I said he) turned 55 today. So this turned out to be a Birthday/ Thank You gift. I hope he enjoys them.

 So make a friend or loved one some cupcakes and show them how much you care!

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Happy Crafting!!

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