Thursday, December 25, 2014

eBrushed Hawaiian gift bag & tag

Merry Christmas eBrush fans!! Today I have a beautiful ebrushed gift set to share with you all. I wanted to do something that is a reflection of my heritage. Although I was not born in Hawaii, I did grow up in Hawaii and spent most of my life there. So, I wanted to do a little something special that is a reflection of my heritage. 

Supplies you will need:
eBrush with Sharpie (SP) adapter
Metallic Gift Bag
Dreamweaver Stencils ( LL482, LS27, & LM204)
Background stencil (for more info click here)
Painter's tape
Oval Die
Tag Die
Metallic Paper
Sharpies (red, orange, yellow, light green, & green)

With a few item I turned this dollar store bag into a trendy upscaled gift.

With painter's tape I taped a down a border around my stencil onto my dollar store bag. This helps keep the stencil from moving and gives me a clean line around my bag. I put a cut out of an oval under my background stencil to mask off an area for my other stencil image to be set into.

I airbrushed the background onto my bag using my eBrush machine with the Sharpie adapter and a red Sharpie. Then I removed the stencil and oval mask.

In then revealed masked oval area I centered my  Dreamweaver pineapple stencil (LS27) and masked it with more painters tape. I then ebrushed the pineapple using my sharpies starting with my yellow, then orange for the base of my pineapple, and then light green and green for the leaves. 

I masked off my Dreamweaver's Season's Aloha (LM204) stencil above the red stenciled area and ebrushed my sentiment. 

Here is the image of the finished bag . 

I also removed the metallic "rope" that came with the bag and replaced it with burlap ribbon. This gave it a more luxurious look of that of an upscale boutique store.

Using my tag die I cut a tag out of metallic paper to match the bag. I repeated the pineapple motif my ebrushing a bigger Dreamweaver pineapple stencil (LL482). Again, using yellow, orange, light green, and green sharpies. Instead of ebrushing the same red background I opted for just a simple red border.  I did want them to coordinate but I  didn't want it to be too "matchy-matchy".

 The results were just stunning!!

We are a family that supports local artisans so I paired my gift bag and tag with a wine bought from our local winery.

I hope this inspires you to turn your dollar store finds into something luxurious too!

And as we say in Hawaii...
Mele Kalikimaka
( Merry Christmas)
Hau'oli Makahiki Hou
(Happy New Year)

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Mitsy

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