Friday, March 4, 2016

Easy cake pops

Supplies Used

Cake pops
1 Bag Oreo Cookies ( Family Sized)
1 Bag Oreo Minis (Snak Saks)
1 box Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1-1/2 cups Ghirardelli melting chocolate 
1 cup (chopped chocolate bark /coating)
25 Wilton Lollipop Sticks
Wilton Chocolate Maker Melting Pot

Cake Pop Box
Sizzix eclips and ecal software
Cardstock- Watercolor Stack, Double Sided Cardstock Stack (DCWV)
Gold Foil Cardstock (Grafix)
Creative Station w/ 9 " Permanent Adhesive Refill (Xyron)
3" Sticker Maker (Xyron)
Mega Runner (Xyron)
Sweet Die (Pink and Main)
Glossy Accents (Ranger)
Hemp Twine

Hello, Crafty Friends!! Today's post is from a request that I get quite frequently. I am always making cake pops and I'm forever being asked for the recipe and how I make them... so to answer answer everyone at the same time I decided it was about time I did a tutorial.

This recipe if for the world's easiest cake pops! Seriously! There are only 3 ingredients for the basic recipe for these cake pops... 1 bag of oreo cookies, 1 package Oreos, and chocolate... That is it!!

Now, mind you, I do jazz it up some and slightly deviate from that basic recipe. I add even more oreos and more chocolate to mine... but basically it still the same recipe.

Start off by sticking your cookies into a food processor and pulverizing them till they are dust. I have a pretty big food processor, so I literally dumped the whole bag in at once. But check your machine... most have a max fill line clearly marked. I recommend sticking to your machines maximum capacity and doing a couple batches.

Then, I dumped my cookie "dust" into my mixer (with paddle attachment) and block of cream cheese. Mix until fully blended. You should no longer see white and it should have the consistency of play dough. 

If you don't have a heavy duty mixer, you can totally pull up your sleeves and mix with your bear hands! Now roll your mixture into 2" balls. This batch make about 25 of them.

Place them in a freezer safe bowl and set into the freezer to chill. Since temperature vary, what your looking for is for your cake pop balls to be firm but not frozen. You need them to be super firm do the dough holds the lollipop stick and cookie ears in place. To soft and it will break apart while dipping.

While those are freezing, prep your "cookie ears" by scraping all the icing midles off the cookies. You'll need 2 "ears for each pop. But remember accidents do happen, so it's always good to have a few spares.

Then, prep the chocolate for melting. I used a combination of chocolates for my pops. The darker chocolates tend not to burn as fast so I tend to use Ghirardelli dark melting wafers a lot. But, what also helps prevent burning and also helps with smoothness is oil/ shortening... I never know how much to use and I'm afraid of adding too much and screwing up my chocolate. So, what I found out that works perfectly is adding candy coating... it's kind of like faux chocolate...  it chocolate flavored candy with the oil already in it.

There are 2 setting on my melter hot and warm. Make sure your candy is in your melter before turning it on and set it to high. stir frequently to avoid scorching your chocolate. Once fully melted, switch to warm.

When you chocolate is melted, take your firm cake pop ball and insert lollipop stick... immediately after, press in ears, then dip in chocolate. Tap or gently shake off excess chocolate. Use a firm styrafoam block as a pop stand and insert pops. Set aside to harden.

Eeeeek... look how stinkin' cute it is!!

Something this awesome needs an awesome box to be displayed in!!

And, what a ca-winky-dink... SVG Cuts has this gorgeous cake pop file included in their Honeybee Tea set!!

 I used my eclips and ecal software to cut all my panels for my box. Then I scored my panels along the dotted lines and used Glossy accents to attach the tabs. 

I only use liquid adhesive on the tabs... I don't like my paper getting warped so I keep the liquid glue to a bare minimum.

To attach the rest of my panels and pieces I use my Xyron Machines! No wetness, no warping!!
I used my 9" Creative Station to attach all the bigger pieces...

And for the thinner areas... my Xyron Mega Runner!

At the very last minute I wasn't feeling the pattern of my previous insert... So I changed it out for this one... and LOVE it!!! I even attached an acetate window and lined the inside of the box!! HOLY GUACAMOLE!! I flipping am so in love!!

 But, that's not all... this svg file also included decorative panels...I just cut them out and ran the through my 3 " sticker maker!! Ooh la la, Tres Chic!!

And for the gorgeous final touches, I die cut the word "Sweet" from this awesome Pink and Main Die in a gold metallic paper and tied a hemp bow topped with a button. and attached both using more glossy accents.

Image 1

And, look how beautiful that font is in shiny gold foil!!

I cannot say how much I am love with this box!!

This will be an amazing gift for that cake pop addict or choco-lover in your life!!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial!!

Now, go craft some cake pops!!

~ Mitsy


  1. Oh wow, so beautiful and super cool, Mitsyana! What gorgeous patterned paper and colors, and I love the gold foil lettering! How cool that you made the yummy looking cake pops yourself too! Thanks for sharing! :) ~Mary

  2. This is cute! I've made several of these boxes. I love the whole kit! Thanks for the yummy recipe.