Friday, March 18, 2016

Light-up Checkbook Cover w/ Chibitronics and Xyron

Hello, Crafty Friends!! Today we are getting"tech-y" in the craftroom!! The amazing people at Chibitronics have partnered up with the awesomeness of Xyron and today is the last day of our fabulous week long blog hop!

For my project I chose to make something I can take with me everywhere. That's right, take my crafts with me... why not?! And that is why I made this Light-up Checkbook Cover!!

Supplies Used
STEM Starter Kit (Chibitronics
Cut'n'boss (Craftwell)
Ebrush (Craftwell)
Fabulous Die- Marquee Text (Truly Mitsyana for Brutus Monroe)
Stephanie Barnard's- Royal Stand-Ups (Sizzix)
Unicorn Die (Top Dog Dies)
Double Sided Cardstock, DIY Project Stack Stencils (DCWV)
White Cardstock (Bazzill Basics)
Silver Foil Cardstock (Grafix)
Sharpie Markers- Pink. Lavender, Bright Blue
Spectrum Noir Marker- TB1, TB3
Gellyroll Pens- Glitter, White (Sakura)
PITT Artist Pen S (Faber-Castell)
Deluxe Paper Trimmer (Martha Stewart)
Score board (Martha Stewart)
2way Glue Pen
Chalklets (EK Success)
Blue Painter's Tape

I started by using my Cut'n'boss machine to cut out my unicorn from plain white cardstock. This unicorn come with extra mane and horn pieces to layer your unicorn, 

I airbrushed my mane using pin, lavender, and blue sharpies with my ebrush machine.
Then trace my horn with a glitter Gellyroll pen.
I shaded the cheeks with pink chalk and a blending stick and then traced the detail lines with a fine tipped black pen.
I assemble my pieces together using 2way glue.
Lastly, I traced the hairlines and the edges of the mane.

I measure and cut a piece of double sided cardstock at 6"x 6.5". Then scored my cardstock at 3.25" and folded it in half.

I repeated the same steps with a piece of white cardstock. The White cardstock will be my bottom (base) where all the circuits and lights will be mounted. And my double sided cardstock will be the top, where my design will be attached.

I airbrushed the "FRONT" part of my cover (top piece) making sure to tape it off to create a straight line separating front from back of my cover. I used Spectrum Noir in TB3 in my ebrush machine and only airbrushed the edges.

Then I hand drew clouds onto a piece of white cardstock. I fussy cut 4 clouds (2small, 2 big).  Then ebrushed the edges with Spectrum Noir TB1

I also die cut a ornate shape to go as a backer to my unicorn. The one I use dis from Stephanie Barnard's Royal Stand-Ups set. Then I ebrushed around the edges with a pick sharpie.

If you do not have an airbrush system, you can definitely shade using ink and daubers. It is totally up to you, what you are comfortable with and what you have available.

Then I ran all my pieces through my new Creative Station Lite machine.

For a bit of bling without the bulk, I decided to die cut "MY" super fab die out of silver foil /mirrored cardstock.(yup , this is one of my new dies)!! EEEK!! OOOHHH, SO SHINY!!
I attached using my glue pen.

And here is what it looks like with everything attached.

Now, for all the gizmos!! Here is where it start to get "tech-y"!

On my white cardstock I used  pencil and ruler and drew lines on where I wanted my circuits to go. making sure to clearly mark each line with a positive or negative symbol, so I know which end of my LED light needs to touch which line. I also drew dots in the areas I wanted my lights to be placed. By doing all this I pretty much just drew a map of my whole layout. 

I also, cut a 2"x1" piece of paper and folded it on half,  and again marked one side positive and one side negative.

Then, using my Mega Runner, attached my flap down onto my base... Making sure that my negative line leads to my negative side of my flap, and my positive line to my positive side. Now, all I have to do is run the copper adhesive tape along the lines and attached my LED sticker lights onto my dots.

In order for the lights to work the LED must be touching both the + and - copper tapes and both ends mist also touch the battery (one on each side of the battery).

You may notice that there is an extra line that goes clear across my project... that is just there to tell me to stay above that line... below that is where the clouds will be (my horizon) and I didn't want the clouds to block my lights.

To keep the battery from touching the circuit continuously on both sides of my battery, I added foam mounts all around my battery. This does two things...
1) keeps my battery from moving.
2) keeps my circuit off my battery until it is pressed down onto my battery.

You can't really see it in the picture above, but you can see it better in the pic below.

I ended up putting a third foam square directly above the battery (right onto the copper tape) to prevent it from shaking loose.

Then I used my Xyron Mega Runner to attach my cover to my base.

Once attached, I used my white Gelly roll pen to draw little stars and a night sky.

If you want exact placement to where your lights are, simply pres down to activate the lights. While the lights are lit, used your pen to mark your points. And tah-dah!! Exact placement!

Now that my cover is finally put together, all I need to do is slip it into a vinyl checkbook cover sleeve. I bought mine a while back from a LSS (Local Scrapbook Store) but if yours doesn't carry them, you can easily find the on Amazon.

And here is my finished Light-up Checkbook Cover...

I hope you enjoyed today's project! I had a blast! Don't forget to head on over to Chibitronics HERE to see what their team created with Xyron products!! 

As always...


  1. I'm in complete awe!!! I just love this to the moon and back! Just wish it was for me. I can't stop looking at it! you totally rocked this project out!!!

  2. Awww, thank you my friend!! Who knows, if I ever get more LEDs I just might make you one!! LOL

  3. I just discovered your blog! So glad to find so much inspiration, especially the crafting with your kids. Awesome job!