Wednesday, February 26, 2020

St Patrick's Day Foiled Wooden Sign with the Xyron Glaminator

Hey, Crafty Friends!
I'm back again with Team Xyron today!
St. Patrick's Day is approaching and I have an easy home decor for you that will also make a great gift. 

In many ways, friends make our world a better place. And when you find a good or even great friend, you are very blessed beyond measure. Here's a simple gift idea to show them how much you appreciate them.

Supplies Used
Glaminator (Xyron)
Honey Dear Stack (DCWV)
Mix the Media  8x10 Wood Panel (Jillibean Soup)

Other Supplies Needed
St. Patrick Dingbats Font- Digital File (Lori Whitlock)
Ecal Software(Craft Edge)
PC or Laptop
Laser Printer

Before I could put my sign together I had to print out what I wanted to be foiled. I found a Lori Whitlock FONT FILE called St. Patrick Dingbats Font that contained dingbats in the form of adorable little images and word art that you can use instead of letters that I wanted to use. The problem is I don't have Microsoft Word downloaded onto my computer. But what a lot of people don't know is that, if you have a digital cutting software, you can use it to open those special characters.

Here is how I used my ECal software to do that...

Open the ECal software. Click on the LIBRARY button on the upper screen toolbar shaped like a STAR.

The library window will pop open. Click on the FONT tab. Scroll till you get to your desired font, in this case, LW StPatrickDingbats.

For this particular WordArt that says " A good friend is like a four leaf clover... ", I clicked on the very first option box. It will insert it onto your virtual mat.

I resized it by clicking on the 4-headed arrow in the right-hand toolbar section, pulling up the POSITION & SIZE window. Then adjusted the sized to 5.25" wide and made sure the KEEP PROPORTIONS box is checked.

After I sized it as desired, I clicked on FILE then EXPORT and saved it as a PNG.

Now you can INSERT your word art as an image into a blank document file without losing any resolution or distorting it.

Once you sized it appropriately, click PRINT. Make sure your the SAVER TONER checkbox or option on your LASER PRINTER is set to OFF. You need the toner to activate in the Glaminator to activate and grab the foil.

I used the crosshatch patterned paper from DCWV's Honey Dear Stack, it reminded me of burlap, and laser printed my design onto it.

I inserted the paper, pattern side up, into a Glaminator carrier sheet (included with the machine and works like a folder) and covered the entire word art design with Light Green foil (pretty/ shiny side up). 

Then, turn the Glaminator switch on, pushing the lever all the way to the STAR, and wait for the indicator light to turn green.

The green light lets you know that the machine is at the proper temperature for FOILING.

Insert your you carrier sheet loaded with your materials. Once you feel the folder start to pull, let go and let the Glaminator do the rest.

Once your material is cooled, remove it from the carrier sheet and run the materials through the Xyron Creative Station.

Attach foiled sheet onto the wooden sign and trim off any excess overhang. 

At this point, you can also take a nail buffing block or fine-grit sandpaper to the edges and smooth down and distress the edges. This part is totally optional and isn't necessary.

I added a big striped bow to the corner of my sign to give it a bit of farmhouse appeal.

And here is my finished sign...

Look how amazing that shine is!! It is even more vibrant in person!

Your friend will absolutely love this gift! Or... you might love it so much you might make another for yourself!

Hope you all enjoyed today's DIY project!

Thanks so much for stopping in!

Until next time...