Monday, May 4, 2015

Mother's Day Chocolate Flower Arrangement

Hello Crafty Friends! I'm back again with another "flowery" project! 
As you all know, Mother's day is on May 10th... that just gives you a week to come up with something ultra fabulous for dear ol' Mom. Anyone can buy flower arrangements but how many people can say they actually made their mom flowers?! Probably not that many... So this Mother's Day why not make your mom an awesome assortment of chocolate flowers?!

Tools and Supplies Needed
Teresa Collins Pocket Dies- Girls Best Friend Collection- (You'll need the FLOWER dies and BOW die from this set)
Flower Pot ( I used an 7" pot)
Styrofoam ball( I used a 6" ball)- cut in half
4" Styrofoam Block
15 pc. of Chocolate ( I used Ferrero Rocher but little Dove square will also work)
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Wax Paper
eBrush and Markers

The following sandwich was used to cut my paper with my dies:

From Bottom to Top
D Plate
A Plate
Magnetic Platform
Metal Platform
A Plate

I used the Biggest of my flower dies and cut out 2 pieces for each flower. Making it a total of 30 LARGE flowers.  

And with my BOW die (not the tails) I cut my green cardstock to make...
 LEAVES... And the great thing about using this die is that it cuts 2 leaves at a time. Also, because the Teresa Collins Dies are made heavy duty I can cut them a  few layers at a time.
I cut them down the middle and shaped the cut end to a point, making my bows resemble leaves. You will need 2 leaves for each flower, plus additional leaves to use as fillers. I cut an extra 10 just for this, making it a total of 40 leaves.

Back to the flowers...
I made cuts about an half an inch cut between each petal cutting toward the center. This gave my flower separate petals while still keeping my flower whole.

I like my flowers to very detailed and when possible try to make them look as realistic as possible.
With my ebrush and markers I airbrushed my edges along my flower to give them more depth. I also did this same technique around the edges of my leaves as well.

With my stylus and with the help of some wax paper and a rubber mouse pad I formed my flowers into bowls by rubbing my stylus in a circular motion around my petals.

I then hot glued them in place so the bowls would hold their shape. I used 2 flowers, 2 leaves, and 1 chocolate (for the center) for each complete flower. For this project I used 15 flowers.

I cut my styrofoam  block to the size of my pots and then glued it into my pot. I then glued my half a styrofoam ball on top of that.  I then glued in my flowers to my ball base. First starting with the bottom layer and working my way in.

At this point glued in my additional leaves where there were open gaps, covering any exposed styrofoam.

 I decided at the last minute to make a matching card to go with my Mother's Day gift...

It came together very quickly... I used a couple more extra leaves and cut out 2 medium flowers and 2 small flowers from the scrap pieces of paper I used to make the large flowers. Repeated the same "bowling" of my flowers and created a mini flower to match my bouquet.

I attached my mini flower to a piece of craft cardstock I embossed with the Teresa Collins Diamond Motif embossing folder. I then stamped and cut out my sentiment using Pink and Main's Super Mom stamp set and then I adhered all my pieces together.

My Result... A gift that looks good enough to eat... literally!!

I hope you enjoyed my Mother's Day Chocolate Bouquet!!

See you again next time!!

~ Mitsy


  1. What a lovely Mother's Day Bouquet!!!! Love all the step by step details!! Have a great day! :)

    Scrappers Anonymous

    1. Thank you Theresa... I hope you're able to make one!! Don't forget to share your project here with us!! Would love to see your bouquet if you make one!!